How to Work As a Hospital Warden?

If you have a vocation to help others and you are attracted to the possibility of working in a hospital without having a university degree, the option is to resort to acting as a caretaker.

The health services are the ones with the most public employment positions that are called annually and the caretakers are the most affordable and in demand. If you are interested in knowing how to work as a hospital warden, we will explain the process you must follow, but we will also explain what you need to achieve it and what its main functions are.

In this way, you will have all the information you need to work in this job.

What is an orderly?

hospital warden is a person who works in a health center, forming part of its staff and whose main function is to ensure that everything is in order and that the regulations are complied with, but also provides support to the center”s staff in all activities that require it.

Depending on the activities they carry out, there are different  types of orderlies : outpatient caretaker; door; surveillance; shift manager; rehabilitation; emergency; plant; laundry; of administrative units; necropsies; operating rooms; of ambulance ; UVI; or warehouse.

Duties of a caretaker

Among your main duties as a hospital warden are the following:

  • Transfer of documents and objects.
  • Mobilization of the sick.
  • Monitor the center where you work.
  • Provide support to health personnel when required.
  • Exceptionally take cleaning jobs.
  • Guard the entrance to the center.
  • Other ancillary tasks

Requirements of a hospital warden:

To be able to access the position of warden, it must be borne in mind that it is necessary to meet a series of requirements, which may vary depending on the autonomous community in which the oppositions take place. Usually you need:

  • Be over 16 years of age and not exceed the retirement age.
  • Have nationality of any State of the European Union.
  • Have the Certificate of Schoolingor equivalent.
  • Have a functional capacity necessary to perform their functions.
  • Not having been separated from any health service or the Public Administration through a disciplinary file.
  • Not having been convicted by a final judgment for crimes against sexual freedom and indemnity.

Attitudes of a good hospital warden

In addition to the official requirements and the necessary training, there are a series of attitudes that a person who wants to know how to work as a hospital warden must have. These are important to be present in anyone dedicated to this work:

Empathy. You must be a person who is able to perceive feelings and emotions, in addition to putting yourself in the place of patients to serve as support. In this way you will have to make it easier for them to go through the situation they are experiencing.

Communication. Family members, patients themselves, and health personnel themselves may need information or help at a certain time. For this reason, you must know how to listen and transmit to each one the appropriate messages for each moment, always with kindness. In this way, you will be a great support for them and it will be comforting for everyone.

Calm and temperance. In a hospital you will frequently find yourself in a large number of stressful and intense situations, especially in the emergency room. Regardless of what you are experiencing, you must always keep calm and thus transmit it to others. This is essential so that there is no panic among patients, their families and other people.

Vocation to help. The caretaker is a figure of support and help so that the operation of the hospital is adequate. You have to be a person who is predisposed to help others.

How much does a hospital warden make?

An orderly has a salary of about 1,200 euros on average in public health services, being somewhat lower in the case of private companies. However, as an orderly, you can apply for higher-paying positions as a driver or shift manager.

Instructions for working as a hospital warden:

To be a hospital warden you have two different options:

Competitions for public hospitals

One of the options you have to work as a warden is to resort to competitive examinations called by public hospitals. Hospitals require guards to function properly and they usually launch a large number of places annually for this. Another of the great reasons that can lead you to prepare a warrant exam is that it has very basic requirements. In fact, you will only have to have an ESO degree or equivalent, be at least 16 years old.

Selection processes for private hospitals

As an alternative, you can resort to private hospitals, where unlike what happens in public competitions, where the mark of the exams is taken into account, in this case everything will depend on your curriculum vitae, that is, on your training and experience.

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