How to Work as a Covid Tracker?

The health crisis of the coronavirus has led to the emergence of our jobs worldwide, focusing mainly in the area of health. One of them is that of Covid-19 trackers, with the majority of the people who perform it being nurses who have been on the front line facing the first months of the virus.

Trackers are essential to be able to detect infections of this disease, thus allowing these people to be isolated before infecting others. In this way, it seeks to avoid the appearance of outbreaks that could create even greater problems with the pandemic.

We are currently living in a delicate situation due to the health crisis and this work will be required for the coming months and even years. The option to access this job is to search for job offers in search engines, that is, in the offers of web portals that are offered by the different private centers. Similarly, public hospitals use their own professionals to carry out this work.

If you want to know how to work as a Covid tracker, you must be a nurse / healthcare assistant. The requirement for applicants is to have at least 1 year of experience and graduates in Nursing Assistant (TCAE). However, other people can also access depending on the call and requirements of each center.

The Covid Tracker Features
The main functions of a Covid-19 tracker are to carry out epidemiological surveillance and rapid detection of possible cases of coronavirus. In addition, they should be in charge of carrying out a telephone follow-up with all the people who have had close and recent contact with any confirmed Covid-19 case.

The objective is to keep the situation under control and to carry out relevant clinical evaluations.

The professionals who work in this area do so within the health centers and hospitals themselves, with a supervisor who is in charge of organizing surveillance. This depends on the information they receive based on possible infections.

Once a positive for coronavirus is detected, the Covid tracker must be in charge of contacting that person to provide the data of close people with whom they have been in the last 48 hours, since they could be infected. In the same way, the chain is being followed to try to close the entire contagion source and the outbreak in general. Once close contacts are identified, these workers are also responsible for informing those infected about how to proceed. That is, they are in charge of telling them what to do, how to isolate themselves at home and follow up with calls to keep their evolution under control.
How is your work
If you want to know how to work as a Covid tracker, you need to be clear about their work. Tracing is about making a careful tracing of contacts to avoid community transmission.

After a positive that can be reported by a health center. At that time, a call is made to that person and a complete interview is carried out to be able to know the close contacts in which they have been in the stage where it was contagious. These are three to four days before symptoms begin.

In this way, it is about locating them, isolating them and testing them to know if they are also infected. If so, the Covid trackers would do the same with them in order to continue extending the case until all the infections can be known.

Starting from the positive, the origin of its transmission is sought. To do this, a survey is carried out in which we seek to know the environment, the possibility of exposure, if that person works in a health center, the workplace, where they reside, if they have made any type of trip, etc. The question is to receive all the possible information to be able to determine the origin of the contagion. Normally, new positives are found that allow this chain of transmission to be fully traced.
Close contacts
As close contact is understood to anyone who has been in contact with the person who has tested positive for coronavirus; at a distance of less than two meters and with a duration of more than 15 minutes; also those who in vehicles such as trains or airplanes have sat in a radius of two seats from the positive.

The main objective of the work of a Covid tracker is to prevent some isolated cases from becoming an outbreak; that is, in a focus of community transmission. These are very dangerous as they can lead to the spread of the coronavirus again, putting a greater number of people at risk. This could lead to a health collapse, which is what is being avoided.

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