How to wear neon colors

The neon colors are the latest in summer fashion. These light and cheerful colors are very appropriate for good weather and can be found in any store. Sometimes it is difficult to know how to wear these colors so we give you several tips to know what you should take into account when dressing in neon colors.

Steps to follow:

1. Take into account the situation in which you are going to dress in neon colors. These types of garments are not the most suitable for a job interview, but they are the most suitable for going to the pool or walking around your city. Always keep in mind that neon is not a very formal style.

2. Pick a color that goes well with you. There are many neon colors and shades but they are not something easy to combine. Try on some colors and decide which one is appropriate for you. An example: if you have blue eyes, blue neon will highlight your eyes; and if you are brown, neon yellow will highlight the shine of your hair.

3. Pick a neon shade. The most phosphorous of all does not have to be the one that feels best to you, look for the one that goes best with the rest of your wardrobe and with your skin.

4. Combine several neon colors. Neon garments are easy to combine with each other, but it is important to keep in mind that certain colors do not look good visually. Don”t combine a very bright green with purple, for example. However, combining a blue with a red will be perfect. The white is a color that goes with all kinds of neon.

5. Combine your neon clothes with neon accessories. Bracelets, rings, and even your nails can help add a touch of neon to your wardrobe.

6. In a matter of makeup, do not abuse the lips and focus on the eyes. Neon will highlight your eyes more, so choose darker shades for your lips.

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