How to wear leather leggings

One of the garments that has been setting trends for some seasons are leggings, ideal for their versatility to create very flattering outfits and the latest fashion. Among all the types of leggings that we can find, without a doubt, the black leather ones are the most successful. In the following article we show you the keys to combining leather leggings and looking spectacular with different looks. Choose the one you like the most and copy the design!

Leather + denim leggings

This is a very fashionable combination that we love to wear a casual and ideal look during the week. Combine your leather leggings with a denim jacket or a denim shirt, a garment that has become a must have this season.

Leather leggings + oversize sweater

A magnificent outfit for cold days. There is no better option than combining leather leggings with an oversize knit or wool sweater that allows us to be comfortable wherever we go. As you can see, it is a very versatile style that you can complete with ballerinas, flat, wedge and even high-heeled ankle boots to look more stylized.

Loose wool jackets and trendy sweatshirts are also garmenting that look great with leather leggings.

Leather leggings + shirts or blouses

Being such a tight garment, leggings work best with loose, flowing tops and, among them, long shirts or blouses are an excellent option. Choose the shirt model that you like the most, our favorites are the white shirts for an elegant and modern look and, of course, the red checkered ones that are the latest trend and ideal to wear open with leather leggings, wearing a casual outfit. the most stylish.

Leather leggings + blazer

If you want to look a little more formal, take a look at this style worn by the Spanish journalist Sara, ideal to be radiant at any evening event. Combine her leather leggings with a blazer also in black and a loose white T-shirt to make it more striking and groundbreaking. Complete it with some high-heeled ankle boots and you will get a look of ten by combining these basic garments.

Leather leggings + leather jacket

And for those who love the rocker look, what better way to combine their leather leggings with a leather jacket. You can opt for a black leather jacket to show off a total black look or add a touch of color to your style with a spectacular red leather jacket. Another alternative that seems spectacular to us, within the wide collection of jackets, are the military ones that include details in black leather, on the sleeves or on the front.=

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