How to wear and combine a pocket square

Every gentleman has added, at least once, a pocket square to his suit. The motives? This accessory is especially known for being a symbol of sobriety and elegance. Although it is true that in Spain its use has not been widespread, this trend stands out again in men”s fashion, providing a most distinctive touch. Sure you want to get the most out of it but you still don”t know how to do it. Don”t worry, in this post we give you all the answers. Follow our advice and you will achieve an enviable outfit!

What is the way to carry a pocket square?

As you well know, the rules of protocol stipulate that the pocket square must always be placed inside the upper pocket of the jacket. In fact, the rule is usually to leave between two or three centimeters visible. What varies when using this accessory is the way it is folded and placed?

It is one of the most chosen options within its variants. It is enough to spread the scarf and start folding it in such a way that it is in the shape of a square.

Casual look. The perfect choice if you are looking for a fresher and more casual touch. Fold the ends up and place the handkerchief in the pocket in the shape you want. Do not leave the ends of the ends visible!

One, two or three peaks. Any of these three options will be more striking than the previous ones despite its simplicity. You must take care that any of the peaks that will protrude from your pocket are perfectly straight and, as we have previously mentioned, do not exceed 2 or 3 centimeters.

How to combine the pocket square?

Like any other accessory, the options for combining the pocket square are endless. All of them will depend on your outfit, the texture of the accessory and, of course, your personal tastes. Below you will find the three basic options to carry out an outfit of the most balanced and elegant:

Respecting the tones. Colors are very important in your look, especially the combination between them. Therefore, we advise you to add this gentleman touch with a pocket square according to your suit. As a general rule, hunting and ocean tones are perfect for any choice.

White scarf, a classic. It is the safe bet for your look, especially for your day to day. With it, you will achieve a sober and distinguished touch without losing personality.

A model according to the tie. The combination of the prints on this garment and the pocket square has become a trend. Acquire a design that adjusts to your tones without being forced. They don”t have to be the same, just similar.

Now that you have the basic tools to add a pocket square to your outfit, it”s time to get down to work. Feel free to experiment with different outfits by following our instructions. Elegance is at your fingertips!

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