How to wear a long jumpsuit

If you want to have a wild card in your wardrobe that will save you from any situation and that can enhance the best of you, there is no doubt: you need a long jumpsuit. This piece of clothing has become one of the fashion trends in recent years and they are a safe bet. Its versatility invites you to wear it on a special occasion, a wedding or an evening party, bringing out your most elegant, sexy and sophisticated side and, in turn, you can use it daily, enhancing the chic and casual touch that you carry inside.

Learn to combine a long jumpsuit well and you will have a basic wardrobe that will dress you on any occasion. Next, we explain how to combine a long jumpsuit: the garment that should not be missing in your wardrobe.

How to choose a long jumpsuit

Before choosing the accessories that will give life to your outfit, it is important that you properly select the jumpsuit that you are going to wear. To do this, you must take into account your own figure, to find the style that enhances you, favors you and empowers you. For example, plain and dark jumpsuits will serve to style and prints will hide curves for a better effect.

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Types of long jumpsuit

When selecting a jumpsuit, it is very important to choose the cut, style and color that suits you best, the one that brings out your beauty and stylizes your figure. Long printed jumpsuits will hide certain parts of your body, such as the abdomen or hips, so it is recommended to use them if you want to blur these areas of your body.

Also, in addition to selecting the jumpsuit that best suits your body, it is essential to select the fabric and pattern of the jumpsuit depending on the use that is going to be given to it. For example, wearing a long denim jumpsuit for an evening event is not recommended, although it is an ideal option to create a casual and informal look for day to day.

As for the colors, you should know that the elegance of the black jumpsuit is indisputable and has become an essential as a wardrobe background. It is perfect and adaptable to any situation, but above all it is ideal to use it for an evening event. You will be spectacular!

On the other hand, in recent years the long white jumpsuit has been gaining prominence, which, combined with the relevant shoes and accessories, is also a symbol of sophistication and glamor.

And if we talk about fabrics, those that are of higher quality will help make the look more sophisticated, while lighter and fresher fabrics will be perfect for more casual and trendy outfits.

What shoes to wear with jumpsuit

If there is a complement that will make the difference when combining a long jumpsuit, it is, without a doubt, the selection of shoes. Depending on the style, touch and air you want to give to this piece, you should bet on one type of shoes or others.

In the case of wanting to extol elegance, sophistication and glamor, your allies will be high heels. With a high-heeled shoe you will look more stylized and you will turn this garment into an ideal outfit for any party, appointment or event.

Within the high-heeled shoes you can choose different styles depending on when you are going to wear the jumpsuit. Go for wedge sandals for a summer night, stilettos for an evening event or lounges to wear the long jumpsuit to a business meeting.

If you have problems walking in heels because they cause you a lot of pain, in this article we explain how to make heels not hurt.

Jackets to wear with dress jumpsuits

Although the long jumpsuit is a piece of clothing that speaks for itself, combining it with a jacket can be a success, however, you must select the best piece so that the garment looks even more.

Go for a blazer to give it a more glamorous touch, if you are going to wear the jumpsuit to dress and at night, or for a denim jacket to achieve a more casual and informal look during the day.

If you liked the idea of ​​the blazer, here are more tips on How to combine a blazer.

Accessories for a dress jumpsuit

As with any other garment, accessories to finish closing a long jumpsuit outfit are essential. Playing with them will be essential to create the perfect look. Take note:

  • Belts and Sashes: Use belts and cummerbunds to focus attention on the waist. If you want to add an elegant touch to the jumpsuit, feel free to wear chain or sparkly belts for added effect.
  • Necklaces: if the jumpsuit has a neckline, try adding a thin necklace that focuses the attention on the neck; and if, on the contrary, the jumpsuit has its back exposed, remember to be austere with the accessories and bet on a good updo, to give the back the prominence it deserves.
  • Earrings: the earrings are another of the essential bets so that your look looks perfect. Go for long earrings if you wear your hair up, or for smaller earrings, if you decide to wear your hair down.

Other possible accessories to wear with a long jumpsuit are: bracelets, hats, sunglasses, rings and bracelets, in case the jumpsuit is short sleeved.

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