How to wear a gray coat

The gray is a tone that is present in many garments and among them are the coats autumn and winter. If you are thinking of getting a jacket in this color or you already have one in your closet and you don”t know how to adapt it to your daily outfits, don”t worry! It”s easier than you think. In the following article we give you the keys to combine a gray coat and be radiant with this wonderful garment.

Gray coat with jeans

If you feel more comfortable with urban looks and your wardrobe is full of different models of jeans, you are in luck because they combine great with a gray coat. Whether they are skinny, flared, worn, broken, light or dark they are a great option to carry out your daily activities around the city. Complete your outfit with loafers for a British style or flat or high-heeled ankle boots and you will be splendid.

Gray and pale pink coat

Do you prefer a romantic look? So, nothing better than combining your gray coat with a pale pink sweater or shirt. This tone has become one of the quintessential fashion colors and is ideal to add a sweet and fresh touch to any winter outfit. Add to the look pants in a lighter grayish tone than your coat and some silver accessories such as a long necklace and some bracelets to be just as spectacular as Sarah Jessica Parker in the photograph.

Gray coat and total black look

The gray coats also allow more elegant outfits look sober and sophisticated. If you want to take advantage of this garment on formal occasions, bet on wearing it with a total black look, you can choose from a simple black dress to the combination of blouse with skirt or pants, all options are valid.

Gray coat and white shirt

Another classic combination that we also love is wearing the gray coat over a white blouse or shirt. Thanks to its versatility, you can take advantage of the fusion of these tones both in formal outfits and in those you choose for day to day. It will also allow you to show off your gray coat to the fullest, making it the undisputed star of your outfit.

Gray and burgundy coat

A groundbreaking combination adapted to the latest trends is to combine gray with burgundy or dark red, so wearing your gray coat with pants or any accessory of this tone will be a sure hit. If you don”t dare with burgundy pants, try adding a bag or scarf of that color to your look, you will get a very flattering contrast!

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