How to wear a burgundy dress

How to combine a wine-colored dress? A wine-colored dress is a piece of clothing that cannot be missing from our wardrobe. It is a color that does not go out of style. The wine color is a shade of red, it is elegant, distinguished and classy. That is why a dress in this color is ideal for a wedding or other event where you need to look beautiful and elegant. Next, we are going to present you a series of tones with which the wine color is simply spectacular.

With beige tones, an excellent combination

The beige tones soften the intensity that characterizes the wine color, making it look less sober. So, if you wear a wine-colored dress, put on some beige accessories you will see that the combination will be impressive.

Wine and black, a combination that you cannot miss

How to combine a wine color dress with black? We all know that black is a very noble color that combines with all colors and wine is no exception. Black conveys a touch of mystery and distinction and together with wine they are the perfect union to be elegant and with good taste.

Wine and gold a proposal for those unrepeatable moments

Gold gives the wine the luminosity it needs, enhancing its color and making it the star of the night. It is a perfect match for the evening wedding reception. With this combination and a makeup that plays with the colors of your outfit you will be the center of all eyes.

Wine and mustard, quite a daring combination

How to combine a wine color dress with mustard color? This combination is a bit more daring but it is still very interesting. This combination, unlike the others, is recommended to be small mustard-colored outfits that give that touch of joy and festivity to your wine-colored dress.

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