How to wear a blue coat

The coats are garments that are not lacking in our closet in the winter season, there are all styles and in a wide range of colors. Have you bought a blue coat or do you have one in the back of your closet and not know what to wear it with? If so, you have reached the right article, because at here we help you incorporate this garment into your daily outfits. Discover how to combine a blue coat and do not hesitate to copy the looks to be spectacular.

Blue coat with jeans

Blue is a basic color that you can easily wear in your day to day and for those moments when you want to be practical and be comfortable, you can combine your blue coat with jeans. It usually looks good with any shade of jeans but to stand out more, we advise you to wear a navy-blue coat with light jeans. You can add sports shoes, flat ankle boots and even low-heeled shoes to the casual look to further stylize your figure.

Blue coat with burgundy

If you are a fashion lover and follower of the latest trends, this combination is perfect for you. Olivia Palermo, as we see in the image, looks spectacular with a blue coat and burgundy garments, the quintessential color of the season. Get some skinny jeans and a maxi bag in burgundy, complete the look with some black slippers and you will be just as ideal as the its girl of the moment.

Total blue look

Wearing all the clothes of the same color is something that has become fashionable and nowadays it is common to see in the catalogs of the big firms an endless number of very flattering looks. If you want to join this trend and take advantage of your blue coat, you just have to choose a blouse and shorts in the same tone or opt, if you prefer, for a miniskirt. To get a more stylish look, nothing better than to add a groundbreaking touch to your wardrobe by adding brown boots or ankle boots as you can see in the image.

Blue coat with black dress

blue coat is also an elegant and sophisticated garment. If you are looking for ways to combine it for an important event or a special occasion where you want to be dazzling, we suggest you wear it with a nice black dress. This is usually present in all women”s wardrobes and together with heels and some accessories is incredible to be well-groomed but simple at the same time.

 Blue coat with nude

It is also possible to create a look sweeter and romantic with a blue coat, how do you do? Very easy! You just have to combine it with garments in neutral colors such as beige, white or pale pink and complete the outfit with accessories in nude, this shade is ideal to give your coat more prominence and have a very fresh image.

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