How to visit Copenhagen in one day

Visiting Copenhagen in one day is possible, but not recommended. Copenhagen is a European capital that offers a lot and in 24 hours it will give us the feeling that we still have a lot to see. Still, it is an ideal city to go on a romantic weekend with your partner, a getaway with friends or visit it with children. With tourist attractions for all audiences, Copenhagen has become the most visited city in Northern Europe. Nyhavn, the Little Mermaid, Christiania, Stroget, the Castle, the Opera and the Library are some of the many things that the traveler will find in the Danish capital. If you want more details, Here we explain how to visit Copenhagen in one day.

Go from the airport to the center of Copenhagen

The traveler arrives at Kastrup, a spectacular airport, with wooden floors, shopping areas and also to rest before catching the plane to return home. From the terminal, one can take a subway that goes directly to the city center and stops at Kongens Nytorv, near the Nyhavn district, or the train that takes you to the central station. There are machines in the terminal to buy the ticket and in any case, from the terminal itself, without walking more than 5 minutes, one can take public transport to the center of the capital. From Kastrup airport, the traveler is 30 minutes from the city center and also 30 minutes from the first Swedish city, Malmö.

Tourist attractions in Copenhagen

During a day in Copenhagen, we propose the following route:

  • In the morning go for breakfast in one of the many restaurants and bars on the most touristic street in the city, Stroget. Stroget runs from the Town Hall square and crosses the entire center until reaching Kogens Nytorv. It is approximately 30 minutes of a street full of typical Danish shops, restaurants and leisure offers of any kind.
  • Then we can continue walking towards the Royal Castle and walk through the gardens and the walls. Not far away and continuing north and overlooking the sea, we will find the Little Mermaid, one of the symbols of the city. Don”t expect a great statue. The Little Mermaid is a small piece and it could go unnoticed if one is talking to the one next door.
  • From there we can return in the direction of the center and always bordering the sea until we reach the library and see the Copenhagen Opera House in front. We crossed the bridge in the direction of Christiania, the neighborhood famous for being “outside the law”, having its own rules and being “allowed” certain drugs. Although it sounds dangerous, it is a very touristy area and the views towards one of the lakes that border the district are great. In Christiania we can eat and rest for a while after a few kilometers traveled.
  • From there we can take a bus that takes us to the center again, to the Nyhavn area or the new port. This place is famous for its colorful houses and a sea inlet full of bars and restaurants full of tourists who enjoy spectacular views.
  • If the weather is nice, you can spend the whole afternoon drinking beers. In the evening, and if you still have energy, you can walk to the Lake District in Norreport. Walking from Nyhavn is 30 minutes and it is a pleasant walk to reach the shores of the lakes that are crossed by bridges every few hundred meters.
  • For dinner, we recommend the Vesterbro neighborhood, with many “cool” and “trendy” places in the Meatpacking area. Bars with an industrial look but with first-rate cuisine, can be a good preamble to extend the night with a few drinks and in one of the many pubs that close during the early hours.

Tivoli in Copenhagen

If you go with children, surely you cannot miss the Tivoli. This 19th century amusement park is opposite the central station and is a real gem.

At the Tivoli they organize concerts, there are high-level restaurants and of course, roller coasters and many other attractions for the youngest of the house.

 The Copenhagen Aquarium

And one of the new attractions of Copenhagen is the aquarium that is halfway between Kastrup airport and the city center. In fact, it can be reached by Metro. One of the largest aquariums in northern Europe, it is spectacular for its design and has managed to attract millions of visitors since it opened last May.

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