How to unify credits

If you have to face a large amount of payments and arrive just at the end of the month, unifying credits can be a very important option. The objective of this operation will be to reduce the fee we pay each month and be able to cover the debt more easily. Therefore, we want to tell you all the details about how to unify credits or loans.

What does it mean to unify credits?

If you have several debts with the same bank, including the mortgage, you can request the unification of the debts to that entity. The entity will allow you to unify debts under a new mortgage loan, allowing only one payment and, in addition, less. But it also means more interest and more payment time.

What advantages does it have?

The main advantage is that it allows you to group different debts into a single loan or credit in order to pay a lower monthly fee. Another advantage would be that a lower interest can be obtained by becoming a mortgage loan. The reduction in the number of payments at the end of each month is also a great advantage.

What inconveniences do you have?

The main drawback is the extension of the debt payment years, paying more interest in the end. This causes the increase in the final debt. To this must be added the possible collection of commissions by the bank.

How do you order?

The usual process is to cancel all the loans or credits that are had with the bank with a new one, which will have an amount equal to the sum of all the unified ones. To achieve this, a new mortgage loan can be contracted or an existing one extended, achieving a considerable reduction at the end of the month. It can also be done by contracting a loan without a mortgage guarantee, with a lower monthly payment reduction, but of shorter duration.


  • For more information, contact your usual or trusted bank.

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