How to treat oily skin

The oily skin is characterized by having an oily appearance and the formation of shiny T of the face area, the presence of bumps and blackheads. It is a type of skin with a high tendency to have acne, which is produced by an excessive accumulation of sebum in certain parts of the face.

 For all these reasons, oily skin requires a specific treatment that controls the appearance of all these symptoms and improves its appearance. Here we give you some tips on how to treat oily skin.

Steps to follow:

1. In the treatment of oily skin, it is essential to perform a facial both during the day and at night. To do this, choose a specific high-quality gel for oily skin. The most suitable products are those that are rinsed with water. First, you must moisten the face and apply the product with circular and gentle movements. It affects the area of ​​the nose, chin and forehead, which is where more fat accumulates. Afterwards, rinse with plenty of water.

Although oily skin requires this cleaning routine, it is advisable not to abuse the use of soaps, since they dry out the skin and it secretes more fat.

2. After cleansing, complete the treatment with an astringent lotion or toner. They are products especially indicated to reduce excess oil on the face and control the formation of pores and other impurities. You can also use a non-oil-based moisturizer for healthier skin.

3. There are other natural remedies that are perfect for treating oily skin. A good example are some natural masks such as oatmeal or lemon mask, which help balance fat levels. Apply the masks on clean skin and leave it to act for approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

4. Regarding the use of other cosmetics such as sunscreen, makeup base, powders, etc. make sure they are not oil-based or acnegenic products, they are preferable water-based. In our article you can see in detail some tricks to make up oily skin.

5. Oily skin with serious acne problems need to be studied by a professional dermatologist, as they require a more thorough and specific treatment.

6. A correct diet is also essential in the treatment of oily skin. It is advisable to take fruits and vegetables, low-fat meats and foods rich in fiber. On the contrary, we must avoid red meat, sweets, pastries and the consumption of alcohol.

7. Getting plenty of rest and getting the recommended hours of sleep is another key factor in having healthier and more radiant skin.

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