How to treat dry and damaged hair

dry and damaged hair can result in problems such as dehydration of the scalp or the lack of production of natural fat from the sebaceous glands, which in most cases is favored by poor care we provide to our hair, For example, subjecting it to very aggressive styling techniques or permanent coloration that end up mistreating its structure and making it much more dry and rough to the touch. If you notice that your mane no longer looks as healthy as before and you want to know how to treat dry and damaged hair once and for all, pay attention to the tips in the following article.

Limits hair washing

The hair dries out because it is no longer protected by the natural grease that normally covers it, and consequently it begins to become thinner, rougher, more porous and dull. To avoid that the layer that protects the hair in a natural way continues to diminish, we advise you not to wash your hair every day. Limit the wash to when it is strictly necessary, doing it every two or three days can be enough and your mane will stay perfectly clean and beautiful.

Use the right hair products

Choosing the right hygiene products for washing hair, as well as those intended for hair care, is something you should pay a little attention to if you want to repair dry and damaged hair in depth.

It is preferable that you select specific shampoos, conditioners and masks for dry hair with moisturizing components that nourish the hair fibers from roots to ends. Gently wash your hair to prevent it from splitting and let the conditioner soak in for at least 10 to 15 minutes before removing, so your hair will be softer to the touch.

Homemade masks for dry and damaged hair

And of course, to treat dry and damaged hair, one step you cannot forget is to apply a nourishing mask at least once or twice a week. You can buy the ones you will find in perfume shops and cosmetic stores or, if you prefer, join natural cosmetics and make your own homemade masks that are also very effective. Among those that offer better results to combat dryness, we find:

  • Olive oil and egg mask.
  • Avocado mask.
  • Banana and honey mask.
  • Natural yogurt mask.
  • Almond oil mask.

Protect your hair from heat

Heat sources such as dryers, irons, curling irons or curling irons are among the utensils that most damage hair and weaken it. Therefore, it is always good to allow the hair to air dry and, if it is not possible, to previously apply a thermal protector all over the mane in a uniform way so that it does not suffer as much with high temperatures.

Home remedies for dry and damaged hair

Although it is a natural remedy, massaging the scalp with olive oil or almond oil just before washing the hair is one of the treatments that works best to repair dry hair and restore its original vitality. Both oils are powerful natural moisturizers and if you heat them and let them act on the hair for about 15 or 20 minutes, you will notice the results instantly.

Cut hair regularly

There is no better cure for dry and damaged hair than a good haircut. Ridding your mane of the most damaged parts, will allow you to completely renew your hair, favoring it to grow healthy, look radiant and much stronger and denser.

Make an appointment at your usual beauty center and your hairdresser can advise you on how many centimetres you need to cut to clean the mane.


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