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The white matter of the brain contains cells that carry information, in the form of nerve impulses, from one part of the brain to another. A 2009 study conducted at the UCLA School of Medicine, and reported by NPR, found that people whose brains function quickly tend to be more intelligent than those whose brains process information at a slower rate. Although the UCLA researchers measured brain speed using an MRI, there is a simple test, available on the Internet and developed by neurologists, that can be taken at home to measure the speed of your brain.

Steps to follow:

1. Go to the Brain Speed ​​Test section of the Posit Science website:

2. Click on “Play Game”.

3. Enter your contact information and click the ‘submit” button. The system will take you to another screen. Click the play now button on this screen. Click on the start button.

4. Please note that you must have Flash installed on your computer. If you don”t have it, you must click on “install shockwave”.

5. Follow the instructions. They will lead you to a short tutorial on how to take the exam. The test consists of listening to sounds. Listen to the sounds and click on the arrow representing the direction or directions. No need to click quickly. At the end of the test, the speed of your brain will be brought up on the screen, along with additional information.

6. Take this test for what it is a test that can be influenced by many aspects.

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