How to take creatine: tips and recommendations

One of the properties of creatine is that it helps strengthen muscles, so it is a very appropriate complement for people who come to the gym for this purpose. It is also recommended for vegetarian people who may have deficits of this substance because they do not eat meat. In any case, if you suffer from any chronic illness, consult your doctor before including this supplement in your diet. So you can benefit from its positive effects, here we explain how to take creatine.

Creatine: most outstanding benefits

If you want to learn how to take creatine you have to know, first, why the consumption of this supplement is recommended. It is a nitrogenous organic acid that is produced naturally by our body. In addition, we can also obtain it externally thanks to the consumption of meat and fish. But the dose of this component can be increased if our goal is to increase muscle mass and better define our muscles.

Here we are going to offer you a list of the benefits of creatine for our body:

  • Increases strength:if we have more creatine in the body we make our body, when exercising, get the energy of this substance. Therefore, we stop using other essential substances such as glycogen or adenosine triphosphate during training. Therefore, all this will help us to increase our physical strength and, therefore, lift more weight.
  • Increase in muscle volume:creatine is one of the supplements most consumed by athletes who want to increase muscles and gain more volume. In fact, you can get to increase from 3 to 5 kilos of body weight if you have been taking creatine for 2 weeks and training at least 5 days a week. It is a complement very similar to the protein to gain muscle but with which you will get more visible and defined results. Ideal for a large and muscular body.
  • Muscle growth of the body:another of the benefits of creatine is that it will help you get a bigger size of your muscles. The reason is that this substance will nourish your cells and get your muscle mass has the best nutrients. Therefore, you will get a bigger body and more bulky muscles.
  • Improves performance:because your body is getting stronger and more muscular, you will get better sports results. You will have more performance in the short exercises and you will get a better physical and physical state.
  • Ideal for muscle recovery: not only people who want to be muscular can take creatine. But athletes or athletes of any discipline can take advantage of the properties of this substance so that the muscles recover faster and more efficiently.

How to take creatine and for how long

We will discover you and how to take creatine so you can take advantage of the benefits of this supplement. Creatine will offer us a lot of energy when we exercise, therefore, it will help us to perform more and, also, to increase muscle mass. It is an energy supplement that also nourishes the muscles and will give us more volume and bodybuilding.

As we have said, creatine is a substance that our body produces naturally. It is also consumed in meat or fish. But, also, it can be obtained externally with some supplements that you can buy in specialized stores of fitness or bodybuilding. It is very important that you always consume top quality products to avoid unpleasant surprises and to take full advantage of their properties

To take advantage of the benefits of creatine you should follow these guidelines:

  • Take between 3 to 5 grams a day of creatine. Do not exceed this amount because the body cannot assimilate more than 5 grams daily, therefore, you will throw money and overload your body.
  • Consume it after training. Thus, you will get your muscles to recover much faster and assimilate the exercise and strength you have trained.
  • Every day, even if you do not train:to know how to take creatine you have to take into account that it is a supplement that you should consume daily, even on the days you do not train. These days you can take it at any time of the day.
  • Mix it with water, milk shakes, etc.. A few years ago it was believed that you should take creatine with sugary drinks, however, today it has been determined that it is not necessary. The best way is to do it with water since, thus, you make sure that your body will assimilate 95% of the product.
  • You don”t need to rest:unlike other sports supplements, creatine does not require rest periods. Anyway, we recommend that you always read the manufacturer”s prescription because it may be the case that they do recommend a break.
  • Training and feeding is essential. If you want to take creatine to change your physique and get a much more muscular and fat-free body, it is essential that you accompany this habit with the frequent practice of weight training. In addition, you will need to eat a healthy and high protein diet to improve and define your muscle mass.

Creatine side effects

If you want to get strong and large muscles, creatine can help you a lot. However, it is essential that, before making any significant change in your routine and habits, consult with an expert. Depending on the conditions of each person, creatine may be a more or less indicated supplement.

There are some side effects of creatine that are worth knowing. However, the European Food Safety Agency has listed it as a substance with a minimal risk of adverse effects. However, some effects that may appear on your body and that are related to this product may be the following:

  • People who take medication: If you have a chronic illness and take regular medication, do not start taking creatine before talking to your doctor. He will inform you about whether it is advisable (or not) the consumption of this supplement given your health condition.
  • Kidney diseases: it may be that taking creatine causes us some alteration or kidney disease. This can happen because you are causing your body to have to assimilate a greater amount of protein and, therefore, our kidneys may be affected by this change in habits.
  • Weight gain: We have already said that creatine will help you strengthen and enlarge your muscles. This translates into the weight gain that takes place because fluid retention is increased. For this reason, the muscles look bigger but, as soon as you stop consuming it. You will lower your size again.
  • Digestive problems:due to the change of food and nutrients in your diet, it is possible that when taking creatine you suffer some digestive disorders such as nausea, diarrhea, and so on. This, above all, takes place in the first weeks of intake. However, if the discomfort is persistent, it is best to stop using it.


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