How to take care of your skin at 20

At the age of 20, we do not care about skin care and the truth is that if we start to take care of our skin correctly at this age, we can boast an excellent complexion in maturity. That is, the 20s is the best to begin to take care of our face, hydrate it and prevent wrinkles.

 Find out how you can start in this article where we tell you how to take care of your skin at 20.

Steps to follow:

1. To take care of your skin at 20 it is almost a commandment to wash your face every day twice a day. It is very important that you choose a facial cleanser according to your skin type, with a neutral pH and without aromas to avoid allergies, especially if your skin type is sensitive. For your age, gel cleaners are recommended that are fresher and with less chemicals.

2. Not going to bed with makeup is a rule to take care of our skin at 20. At this age our pores are still in perfect condition and are not dilated, and the key to keeping them that way is never forgetting to remove makeup. Use a makeup remover in cream and special for makeup against water if you use long-lasting mascara and lipstick. After removing make-up from your face, apply toner and check that your face is completely clean.

3. At 20 you can start using moisturizer twice a day: in the morning before putting on makeup and leaving the house and at night before going to sleep. As at this age your skin maintains hydration very well, it is recommended that you choose a simple moisturizer, the idea is not to exhaust the benefits of cosmetics that you may need later. Therefore, forget about firming creams or with hyaluronic acid, prefer one that contains collagen and offers to hydrate your face and nourish your skin.

4. Starting to take care of the eye contour at this age is necessary to avoid having pronounced wrinkles at 40, when collagen production begins to decrease. The eye contour is the most sensitive skin on the face, so it deserves special care, the ideal is to buy a gel or serum to hydrate this area. Apply at the same time as the moisturizer.

5. From the age of 25 it is advisable to start with the use of anti-wrinkle creams. Choosing an anti-wrinkle cream for your age is not complicated, because as with moisturizing cream, you should prefer those that are simple and do not offer to fill in furrows that you still do not have, much less make you look younger because you do not need it. Prefer a cream whose function is only what you are looking for: prevention.

6. Moisturizing your skin is not only the task of creams, you can also help take care of your skin at 20 by preparing homemade face masks. At this age the skin receives any attention very well so you can enjoy incredible results. There are many options for moisturizing masks, but the mixture of avocado with olive oil and almond oil is ideal, if you don”t like it, try a chocolate mask.

7. Keeping the skin clean consists of two fundamental procedures: exfoliation and facial cleansing. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells that accumulate from contamination and makeup residues, you can do it once a week with a special scrub for the face (the balls are small). Skin cleansing removes impurities that exfoliation cannot remove, such as pimples, blackheads or concentration of oil. It is done in an aesthetic center and is usually accompanied by a facial.

8. Sun protection is very important to take care of your skin at 20. The sun”s rays are capable of burning, shrinking and wrinkling the skin, so the best way to prevent this from happening is by using an SPF 60 sunscreen every day before leaving home and touch up at noon. Remember that at your age, prevention is the key.

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