How to take care of car tires

Keeping the tires of our vehicles in good condition is a fundamental factor when we talk about road and road safety, especially if we take into account that they are the car”s only contact with the asphalt. A tire with the wrong pressure, different levels of wear, smooth, bumpy, or showing the steel fabric inside could cause tragedy. In this article we will see how to take care of car tires.

Steps to follow:

1. The tires fulfill more functions than we imagine in our car synch mechanism. When we use the brakes, the tires work together to stop or slow down the vehicle. They also participate to turn or change direction and even support the weight of the vehicle. Likewise, they moderately absorb the imperfections of the soil through which they pass, such as wells, stones, unevenness, etc.

2. Tire life in part depends on how you drive. The first way to take care of our tires is to drive at the regulation speed avoiding heavy braking and slowing down before entering curves. Here are more tips on how to drive efficiently.

3. The tire pressure must be that indicated in the maintenance manual of each vehicle or that indicated by the tire manufacturers. Over-inflating tires is just as damaging as under-inflating them. Therefore, the pressure must be checked periodically. When we do this check we will always do it with cold tires.

4. It will also be necessary to check its aging or degradation from possible cracking of the flanks. Rubber hardens over time and its original properties, such as elasticity and adhesion, degrade. Its deterioration can be accelerated by chemicals such as solvents, fuels, oils, etc. and especially by ultraviolet rays.

5. Another recommendation that will help us conserve our tires is to keep the vehicle well aligned. Misalignment reduces tire performance and causes uneven tire wear.

6. One detail that we consider is that many manufacturers offer tires cataloged winter and summer cataloged tires or all season. The ideal would be to have one game of each type. We would use the winter ones from November to the end of March, especially if we move through areas where winter weather conditions are very harsh.

7. To ensure even wear, the tires can be rotated every 3-6 months. This means putting the rear ones in the front and the front ones in the rear, but without changing the extreme. That is, those who went on the left will continue on the left and those who went on the right will continue there.

8. It is necessary to carry out constant and periodic maintenance on our tires, thus ensuring that they are in perfect condition and guarantee us total safety. So that you know more about the matter, we explain here how to carry out tire maintenance.

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