How to strengthen hair naturally

Although it is true that at certain times of the year, such as autumn, hair loss is accentuated, this also occurs because of weak and weak hair. It is necessary to strengthen the hair and provide it with the necessary nutrients to maintain healthy hair. There are products on the market that can help us do this, but natural products will be less aggressive for our scalp, as is the case with fragile hair masks. In this article, we explain how to naturally strengthen hair.

Steps to follow:

1.Some of the most common causes of weak hair and subsequent fall are:

  • Lack of nutrients and vitamins.
  • Exhaustion and stress.
  • Diseases: anemia, of thyroid origin, etc.
  • Abuse or misuse of hair products, such as dyes.
  • Excessive use of dryers and irons.


2.If you want to combat weak hair with natural products, there are various techniques that you can try, for example you can use cinchona bark.  Quinine is a substance obtained from the tree known as quinao, and we recommend taking it as an infusion.

3.Horsetail is another natural remedy that can help you combat hair loss, thanks to its contribution of silica, inositol and zinc, among its many other healing properties. The infusions of horsetail will be very useful to prevent falling hair, although you can see here are other ways to take ponytail .

4.Other plants that help maintain the health of our hair are dandelion and milk thistle , since both provide iron and thus strengthen it.

5.Likewise, a solution for external use that will regenerate your scalp is laurel, so we recommend rubbing with laurel essential oil in the morning and before going to sleep. In addition to buying it in natural stores or herbalists

6.The nettle also contains many active ingredients that can work together to prevent falling hair and slow the effects of Propecia.

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