How to start a personal blog

You have a lot of things to say and neither Facebook nor Twitter are enough for you. You need more space, a place just yours where you can expand to your liking and where your readers are those people who really want to know what you have to say. Yes, you need a blog. But you don”t trust your computer skills too much and just thinking about riding it makes you feel like it. What if we told you that it is very easy? Here we tell you how to start a personal blog.

Steps to follow:

1.First, think about what platform you want to open your blog: the most popular are BloggerWordPress and Tumblr, each with its own peculiarities. Think about how you want your blog to be and which platform fits best. When you decide, open an account.

2.You already have your account created and your personal blog exists. Before you start writing and publishing, try to customize the design a bit. There are many free templates for both Blogger and WordPress, so take your time and research online. You can also, if you have knowledge of HTML, slightly modify the templates once installed to make your blog unique.

3.With the design of your blog decided, you have to enter its configuration and decide some aspects. Comments – if you want to approve them before publication, for example -, what do you want your blog URL to be, how many entries do you want to appear per page, how do you want to appear in search engines, etc.

4.You already have your blog created and you have found the design you like best. The most important thing is missing: start writing! Have you thought about this yet? Is your blog going to be thematic or purely personal? How often are you going to write? If you want the blog to go from being a hobby to something more serious, consider making a weekly or monthly calendar of publications to organize yourself better.

5.You have already written your first text. Make sure that it does not contain grammatical errors or spelling mistakes and edit it with bold in the keywords and links, something that will help your search engine positioning.

6.Do not forget to add tags or tags, which will help the text to be positioned in Google, in addition to correctly filling in the met description and title fields.

7.Add some image or video: help make the content more visually attractive, so that your readers want to stay on your blog and read what you have to say. For photos taken from the Internet, always choose those that have been shared under a Creative Commons license and don”t forget to say whose original it is.

8.You have already published your first post. If you are interested in having your blog reach a lot of people, make some more publications and start moving it online: share it on your social networks, send it by email to your contacts, upload it to blog aggregators. And, most importantly: always publish original and interesting content. If people like your blog, word will spread!

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