How to start a car when it”s very cold

Climate cold can make it very difficult, or impossible, the power switch on your car. Taking some preventative measures can keep your car ready to start at any time. When temperatures drop, follow these steps to start your car in cold weather.

Steps to follow:

One.Store your car in a garage or under a porch, if possible. Keeping your car with a cover can lessen the effects of snow and extreme temperatures.

Two.Put the key in the ignition and try to start the car, if it doesn”t start in 5 seconds, stop and wait a minute before trying again. If your car is not fuel injected, you should pump the throttle a few times before trying to start.

3.Make sure your car battery is new and full. An old, weak battery doesn”t have the power to start a car in cold weather.

4.Applies heat to the car”s engine compartment, uses a circulation heater designed to heat car engine compartments. This will warm the fluids in the engine and make the car easier to start.


5.Let the car rest in the neutral position after starting. Fuel needs time to warm up before you can drive, starting to drive the car immediately after ignition can damage the engine.


  • Do not start the car in a closed area and allow it to warm up. Exhaust fumes are dangerous and deadly if inhaled for too long.


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