How to save when traveling

When you go on vacation, sometimes you do not enjoy it to the fullest because you fear the moment to return and see that your bank account is in the red. However, you should not worry so much, because after all the holidays are to take advantage of them. And if money is on your mind, there are many alternatives to save when you travel. In this way, here we give you some tips on how to save when traveling.


If you travel by plane, track down the best offers, if you have flexibility in flights, try to travel during the week and use flight search engines to compare prices. Clear your browser”s cache, because it is a little trick that airlines use to increase prices when you search several times for the same flight. Do not rule out low-cost companies, it usually compensates a trip with few benefits, if in exchange you save several euros, and take a look at last minute offers.

Although if you do not want to take to the skies and prefer to give the road a chance, do not rule out options such as carpooling whether you go as a driver or passenger. Applications like Blablacar make it easy for you and, in addition to being flexible, they are economical.


From a practical point of view, if you go to a city, it is to get to know it thoroughly and lose yourself in its corners, not to spend the day in the hotel. So why not settle for the bare minimum? Do not book a 5-star hotel, if you are only going to sleep you can do without the jacuzzi and the mini-bar, one bed is enough!

So, the hostels, pensions and hostels gain strength; Although you can also share a room with more people, think about it, what else do you need apart from a mattress? And if you dare, there are also web pages that put people who lend their apartment in contact, so that you can stay for free and meet new people.


Going on a trip without knowing the local gastronomy could be labeled a sin. So, we are not going to ask you not to taste the typical products of the area to save a few euros, but we are going to ask you to look for the cheapest alternatives.

For example, if you are going to visit Paris, it may be more rewarding to have a crêpe in a more remote neighborhood or hidden in an alley than to order it next to the Eiffel Tower. Your pocket will notice it and maybe even your palate too.


Before traveling, consult forums, read blogs, write in Facebook groups … to gather all the information you consider useful: free museums, cheaper shows, bargain markets … Who knows what you can find?

And always carry IDs or cards with which you can apply a discount: student card, youth card, large family card, retired …

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