How to return a product purchased online

Sometimes disinformation is a great obstacle for the consumer. Do not be fooled, if you buy from a neighborhood or city store, the merchant is not obliged to refund your money; while if you buy a product on the Internet , they are obliged to always refund the amount . For that you will have to send the item where you bought it. Here we guide you so you can return the product and get your money refunded.

Steps to follow:
1.Shopping on the Internet is becoming more frequent for convenience. The store is obliged to return the money unless they are items such as underwear, disc recordings, computer games, daily newspapers and magazines.
2.When you receive a product that you don”t like, the first step to get your money back is to send the item to the same address you receive it from. If you have doubts, the data will be on the invoice or you can also check its website.
3.Before sending the package, you must attach a return form inside it. The form will be either in the box that you have been sent or on the company”s website.
4.You can send the item by ordinary, certified, urgent mail, etc. However, if you return the package because you do not want it, the shipping costs will be on your side; while if it is because it is not exactly the item you ordered, the shipping costs will have to be paid by the store.5.The product cannot be returned when we want. There are deadlines, which are generally 7 days. Don”t miss out!
6.Finally, if more than a month has passed and you have not received the purchase at home, contact the store to see if there has been an error. You can choose to keep the product or return it and have the amount refunded.

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