How to repair a DVD player

The DVD exists for more than 20 years and although in recent years it has lost a lot of market compared to online distribution there are still millions of DVD players in the world, in addition many people rent or download and burn DVD movies to enjoy in your player in the comfort of your home.

And as such, thousands of DVD players are also broken daily, so it is normal for you to wonder how to repair a DVD player if yours is not in good condition.

That”s why we present the common problems faced by a technician who repairs DVD players and electronics in general, from the most serious problem to the strangest, let”s start.

Steps to follow:

1.The DVD player does not turn on.

The most common problem and it is necessary to differentiate not to turn on of not receiving current: it does not turn on any light, nor that of the standby. The solution may be to reconnect the power cord that could have moved from both the wall source and the player. If you verified that and still do not give signs that “energy comes” we have 2 options:

  • The power source fuse broke
  • The power source broke

For the first drawback there is a solution for any user who is encouraged to disassemble an electronic component near where the voltage cable is connected, there is the fuse, which usually breaks due to excess voltage in order not to damage the rest of the circuit Attention: it is important to disassemble the player when it is disconnected from the power and the TV.

If the fuse is intact, it will be time to take the equipment to a technician.

2.The DVD turns on but shows no picture on the TV.

For this problem we consider that the DVD turns on, the door opens but we have no image on the TV when we put it in “Video”. In this case there may be 2 breakdowns:

  • The cables that go from the DVD to the TV are damaged or improperly placed
  • DVD circuits are damaged

For the second point there is not much to do except take it to our trusted technician. For the first one we must look for some RCA cables, which are sold in any electronics store, and try the player again respecting the color standards to make sure that the image will look correctly.

3.The DVD turns on, gives image, but does not open the door to put the disc.

The classic problem of when the DVD door does not open or is stuck can be solved by unclogging it. To open a DVD door that does not open we only need a paper clip and look for a small hole that works as a kind of “emergency opening”. We open, put a DVD and try.

If it continues without reading or closes and does not open any more, we are likely to have a mechanical problem in the reader”s reel. The one who dares to open it can detect that the mechanical reel is locked or out of a plastic rail and many times with resynchronizing or chocking it is solved. Doing this also solves part of the problem that we present in the next step.

4.The DVD turns on, gives an image, opens the door but does not read discs.

We have two options:

  • Reader worn out completely
  • Dirty and / or uncelebrated reader

To discard the first one, the reader must be cleaned, for this it is best to disassemble the equipment, search for the laser and clean and lubricate the entire mechanical area with very little grease, especially the axes where the laser moves.

There are also one or two potentiometers that you can adjust with the help of a small screwdriver and that serve to give more power to the laser. It”s a matter of trial and error, trial and error: turn on, turn off, put DVD, see if it reads, etc.

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