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Do you want to be part of Instagram? To be able to upload your photos and see those of your friends or users that you follow, you just need to sign up for this application in order to start using this social network of photos and images. In this article we are going to tell you how to register on Instagram indicating, step by step, what you have to do in order to enter this community. In addition, we will also explain how you can do it if instead of a smartphone you want to use a PC.

Steps to follow:

1. To be able to register on Instagram, the first thing you need is to access Google Play (if you have Android) or the App Store if you have an iPhone. Here you will have to look for the Instagram application and install it on your mobile device in order to start using this social network. Here we also tell you how to download Instagram for Android.

2. Once you have the app installed on your mobile, the next step is to register as a user. To do this, you will have to click on the “Register” button. Next, a screen will appear for you to enter your email, username and password. When you finish filling in this information, you just have to click on “Continue” and you will immediately have your account created linked to your email.

3. Once you are already registered on Instagram, it is time to start uploading the photos you want to share as well as to start following your friends or users that interest you. In addition, there are also different options such as, for example, make collage with your photos or publish videos. In this article we tell you how to make a collage on Instagram.

4. But, in addition to mobile, now you can also use Instagram on computer. If you wonder how to register on Instagram from my PC, you should know that, for this, you will have to access the website of this social network and, from there, click on the “Enter” button, as we show you in the attached image.

5. To be able to use it in the web version, it is essential that you have first registered in the mobile application since new registrations are not allowed directly from the PC. The screen that will appear is the one shown in the image, where they will ask you to enter with your username and password or, if you prefer, with your Facebook account. But remember that you have to be already registered on the social network to be able to use it and this can only be done from your smartphone.

6. You will only have to fill in your details, access your account and from there you will be able to see the latest publications of the users you follow, comment on their images or put a “Like”. From the web version you will not be able to upload new photos as this functionality is relegated only to the mobile application.

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