How to react to an aggression

The society we are facing forces us to develop tactics that help us deal effectively with the aggressions and violence we see daily in the news, self-defense can be very effective. We must develop a sixth sense that helps us to be prepared For any situation on the street, trusting your instincts is very important, if you believe that something can be dangerous for you to avoid it, an important point to take into account mainly women is clothing. Keep in mind where you have to go when choosing the jewelry you will use, simple clothing is your best ally. Wear clothes that do not limit your mobility or agility. If you wear very attractive attire or jewelry, look for a companion or else go with extreme caution avoid some aggression…

Steps to follow:

1. When they catch you by surprise from behind, hugging you. There are some important techniques to use.

2. One of them is to squat, open your arms and position yourself straight by hugging your left hand with your right hand.

3. Place your body aside to give way to your left elbow and hit the mouth of the aggressor”s stomach.

4. With your left foot step on the aggressor and hit him on the chin with the same arm technique.

5. This will allow you to free yourself and run for help.


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