How to quickly collect chests, eridium, money, weapons and tinks in Borderlands 3

We present a guide with the best methods to obtain resources of all kinds.

It is possible that, during your Borderlands 3 games, you will find a family chest. One that you had already opened in the past, who gave you a very cool weapon. And there it is again, closed, full of loot. What happened here? What happens, dear reader, is that there are many features of the game (including rewards and enemies) that restart when you load your character. And yes, that is one of the methods to ”search” resources in BL3, but there is more. In this guide, we tell you how you can collect a lot of money, eridium, weapons and other things like that.

For the rest of the guide, remember that to load your character it is not necessary to exit the game and re-enter. You just have to open the menu, and when you leave, ask to be taken to the main menu. From there you can quickly load your character to return to action with all the chests and enemies waiting for you again. The key is knowing exactly what you are looking for.

The mother of the lamb: the swag tinks!

One of the most common enemies of Borderlands 3 is the tinks, which in previous installments of the Borderlands saga were known as dwarves. There are many kinds of tink: gunners, psychopaths … and loot tinks! As the name implies, these little people run around carrying a backpack up to useful things. But they are quite rare, and unlike those we had seen in the past, they try to run away.

Although they may appear randomly, the best thing you can do to find them is to look for them. Where? Well everywhere. Loot tinks are hidden inside washing machines, chests, boxes and all kinds of containers, so when you find any element of the stage that you can register to get loot, open it without looking. You”ll almost never find a swag tink inside, but it”s worth a try.

When you hit a swag tink, kill it quickly. Everyone releases a lot of money, and they have a high probability of dropping epic and legendary rewards. In addition, it is possible to register the backpacks they leave on the ground to get even more things. They are so useful, that it is still feasible to ”farm them” in the NG + and Chaos modes.

In Servant Elevator, an area of ​​the Jakobs Hacienda (Eden-6) that we marked on the map above, there used to be a swag tink with a 100% chance of appearance. It was the most popular point to gather powerful weapons, but seems to have patched and no longer appears so often. And we say “it seems” because the players give different reports according to their platform. In our case, we have not found the tink on PC as of September 19.

The Destiny Botinigram

Borderlands 3 is full of winks and references to other series and games. One of the latter is Destiny, Bungie”s loot-shooter. The wink in question is an enemy called Espectrobot, in English Dinklebot (the nickname that the players gave the companion bent by Peter Dinklage) that drops an object called Botinigrama (engram) when he dies. This can be delivered to Earl the Grilling in Sanctuary in exchange for a random weapon. The vast majority of times it will give you a sad common reward, but it can also be legendary.

The point of appearance of the Spectrum is very close to the point of rapid travel in Celestial Well 27 (Promethea) as indicated on the map under these lines. In NG mode our opponent has negligible power, so don”t hesitate to kill a few before returning to Sanctuary to claim your rewards.

Eridio and money

We enter fully into the economic cycle of Borderlands 3 with two things in mind: money and eridium. The first is used to buy weapons, ammunition and inventory spaces; and the second, for cosmetic objects, special weapons and more money! There are many ways to get both resources, but we are going to focus on the most important ones.

The first thing you should know is that, with no spirit of spoiling anyone, at the end of the story you will receive an object called Eridian Fabricator, which is equipped as a weapon, but instead of ammunition fires more weapons! Each shot consumes 10 eridium and randomly creates a weapon. It is not useful to get legendary a castaporro, but you can sell them in a store and make money to improve your pockets. If you join the game of a friend who is starting to play, shoot some weapons to help him buy some initial upgrades cheaper than yours.

You can do a lot of eridium by completing hunting missions for Sir Hammerlock, or by breaking eridium crystals. Try entering and leaving the game from a camera, for example. And if you find foolish enemies, be sure to kill them, because they usually leave Eridium at death. In one of the first caves of Voracious Canopy (Eden-6) you can get a pretty eridium by breaking glass and killing enemies, for example.

Similarly, you can load the Esperanza area into Eden-6 to collect the chests that are unlocked in a nearby cabin as you progress through the story. It”s not certain that you”re going to play something legendary, of course, but it”s worth a try!

Money appears everywhere, but the easiest way to get it is by killing bosses, loot tinks, completing missions and selling weapons. Come on, normal. In this guide you have several tips to help you get what you are looking for, but if you want a little extra, visit the legendary exploit and experience, which also leaves a lot of money.

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