How to protect a pdf file

Many times we create pdf files that we don”t want anyone to edit, copy or even print. But how to achieve it if you want to allow users to open it without problem? You only have to protect it against copying, editing and printing, which fortunately is very easy. You could do it with the original Adobe software, but it is also possible using free and free software. How is it done? Here we tell you how to protect a pdf file.

Steps to follow:

1. One of the best options to protect a pdf is to do it with OpenOffice, the free version of the Microsoft Office suite. You can download it for free at Choose your version, download it and install it following the instructions.

2.Open OpenOffice Go to File> Open and open the file you want to protect. It may already be in PDF format or still be a text file.

3.Click on File> Export in PDF format … A PDF Options window will open. Go to the “Security ” tab.

4.You will see that at the bottom of the “Security” tab there are several options to limit PDF permissions, but you cannot change them. To do this you must first set a password. Click on “Set passwords “.

5.first password is so that only people with the password can open the file. The second, the one that interests us, so that only people who know that code can make modifications. Enter a password, confirm it, and click “OK.”

6.Now you can edit and configure permissions. Put them to your liking and click on “Export”.

7.Enter the file name you want for the protected PDF and click “Save.” You already finished! Now if you want you can open the PDF to verify that if you want to copy, edit or print it asks you for a password.



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