How to prevent my skin from being so oily

Our skin type clearly determines the care that our dermis needs and also the habits that most favor it, that is why it is important to take them into account every day to avoid accentuating its main characteristic and causing us discomfort. In the case of oily skin, some basic care can avoid an excess in the accumulation of sebum that affects our appearance, making the dermis look even brighter than it really is.

 If you wonder how to prevent my skin from being so oily, be careful, because in this article we explain it to you in detail.

Steps to follow:

1. You cannot change the fact that your skin is oily, however you can prevent sebum production from increasing excessively by taking care of your habits in order to keep your dermis as good as possible.

The first step you must take to prevent your skin from being so oily is to cleanse it twice a day with a suitable water-based product and never oil-based. Cleansing creams are not suitable for your skin type, so opt for gel or liquid products that will favor your dermis much more as they are lighter and softer. Cleansing gels with a gentle exfoliating effect are recommended, which will also help keep dead cells at bay.

It is important that you wash your face in the morning, because during rest, oil and dirt accumulate on the skin, and also at night to remove makeup and impurities throughout the day. Always do it with cold water or, at most, warm, never with hot water as it encourages a greater production of fat.

2. Each of the cosmetics that you apply to your face must be specially intended for oily skin, otherwise they will increase the production of sebum and make your skin much oilier than it really is. That is why it is important that:

  • Use moisturizers, anti-aging creams or sunscreens always water-based, special for the face and free of oil. If you don”t know which brands to choose, get advice from a professional.
  • Your makeup should always be oil-free. The main makeup brands have a line for oily skin whose products are recommended for your dermis.
  • It is also important that you avoid any presentation of makeup in mousse as they add oil to the skin, it is also recommended that you opt for loose powders instead of compact powder, made with more oils.

3. If you want to prevent your skin from being so greasy then you should stop touching your face constantly, especially with dirty hands. By doing so, the oil that our hands contain as well as the dirt from them stays on your skin, further increasing the accumulation of sebum in the area.

4. A common problem in oily skin is open pores, which occur due to the accumulation of sebum. To avoid them, it is very important not only to clean our dermis daily but also to exfoliate it once a week in a deep way and with a suitable product for facial care, in this way we eliminate dead cells and promote the health of our pores.

5. Helping your skin not be so oily consists not only in monitoring your habits, but also in applying the appropriate treatments to promote a deep cleaning and a reduction in the production of sebum. For this you do not have to spend a fortune and there are different natural and homemade masks that can help you achieve it successfully and for little money. Some of the best are:

  • The green clay mask, ideal for controlling oil production.
  • Green tea masks, which also help fight acne.
  • Special masks for oily skin, with ingredients that enhance its cleaning and hydration without adding more oil.

6. It is also important to look at your haircut to prevent your skin from being so oily. Haircuts with bangs or that leave strands that fall on your face are not recommended, do not forget that the hair has grease, oil and dirt that being in constant contact with the skin of your face will only increase its production of bait.

7. It is also convenient to take care of the diet and avoid excessive consumption of fat as this will lead to an increase in oily skin, so we recommend:

  • Control the intake of fried or battered foods.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of snacks, which are very rich in fat.
  • Do not abuse fatty meats and preferably opt for lean meats.
  • Also moderate the intake of sweets, sweets and pastries, as they often contain large amounts of fat.
  • Choose foods with healthier preparations such as grilled, broiled, cooked or steamed and control the general consumption of fat in your diet to benefit your skin.

And for those times when the oil on your skin seems uncontrollable and you need to hide it, then it is recommended that you always carry a packet of rice paper or anti-shine paper in your bag, which helps to absorb oil from the skin without removing makeup. This product is for sale in cosmetic stores and perfumeries.

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