How to prevent clothing from wrinkling in the suitcase

Hate that wrinkling every time marches out to you? There are some clothes that tend to wrinkle more easily, especially when we put it in a suitcase and mix it with other clothes. But when you go on a trip, it is inevitable that you have to carry your luggage, so in this article we are going to give you some tips so you know how to avoid wrinkling clothes in your suitcase. In this way, you will be able to show off an impeccable appearance during your vacation.

Steps to follow:

1. If you want your clothes to be perfect during your vacation and not wrinkle on the trip, the most important thing is that you choose clothes to wear that are made of a more elastic fabric. For example, linen is a material that is better to avoid because it tends to wrinkle very easily and with the journey it may look bad. The best thing is that you opt for clothes that are made of polyester or nylon, two materials that hardly present wrinkles and that are optimal to include in your suitcase.

2. Just as it is important to choose suitable clothing for the trip, you also have to take into consideration the suitcase you are going to use and adapt your garments to its capacity. For example, if you have to go with a small one, you do not want to take the whole wardrobe because it will most likely not fit and you will end up putting it in any way, thus making the clothes wrinkle.

Do not force the items you want to take and make a list with the essentials and the essentials; thus, you will be able to take what is just and necessary and that your clothes do not spoil.

3. Another way to keep your clothes from wrinkling in your suitcase is to use large plastic bags (like those used in the dry cleaners). The trick is that you put the garments that have more tendency to wrinkle inside these bags, above all, you only have to go one piece per bag because, if you put more than one, they will wrinkle the same. The plastic makes the clothes slide and move more freely and, therefore, prevents wrinkles from appearing in the fabric.

4. Another good trick is to place items such as socks or underwear between the spaces that are free in the suitcase, in this way you get the clothes to stay better fixed in the suitcase and not to wrinkle so much. So, first you will have to put the clothes that tend to wrinkle the most and, when you have them on, fill in the spaces that you see that have been left free with clothes or items that make everything better fixed.

5. To pack shirts in a suitcase, it is essential that you pay special attention to the way you fold them: you will have to fasten the buttons and then fold the shirt like a sweater. When putting it in the suitcase you will have to place it making sure that the neck is not crushed by other items.

6. But if when you arrive at the hotel you see that your clothes have wrinkled, there is another trick that can help you stay smoother and the wrinkles become less deep. You will have to fill a little water in a bottle that has a sprayer, so, hang the garment on a hanger and spray a little water on the area that is wrinkled. Then, with the help of a brush, rub the area carefully and let it dry for a long time. You will see how the wrinkle is hidden and your clothes look much better.

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