How to prepare the skin for makeup

We all like to look good with our makeup, look fashionable and beautiful, hide those small flaws and highlight the best features of our face. But to achieve this, not only do you need to know the techniques but it is also important that our complexion is in good condition to receive all the products that we will apply, that”s why we give you some tricks so that you know how to prepare the skin for makeup

Steps to follow:

1.You don”t need to spend half an hour every day to get the perfect makeup, because possibly with your daily routine it is impossible, but if it is important to give yourself at least 5 minutes before leaving home, enough time to look beautiful

2.Before applying makeup, it is necessary that your face is perfectly clean and free of grease, impurities or cosmetic creams that you have been able to apply the night before, in this way the makeup will fix itself better and your face will be with a neat appearance

3.After your face is clean you should hydrate it with a special cream for your skin type intended for the day. This will allow you to protect your complexion from inclement weather and make it stay healthy and in good condition over the years

4.Then you can proceed to apply makeup starting with a very important step: the base. This product will help you unify your face by reducing red areas or hiding small defects, it will also allow the compact and the rest of the products to be fixed and maintained for longer

5.The rest will already depend on your personal tastes, although the usual thing is the use of a compact powder, makeup for your eyes, mascara, blush or blush and a touch of shine for your lips

6.Only 5 minutes are necessary every morning to prepare your skin for makeup and make you look beautiful and always ready for any occasion

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