How to prepare a beach party

We have summer here; holidays are coming and the good weather encourages us to celebrate our meetings with friends in the open air. Why not do it on the beach? You will hardly find a better setting than a good beach and the noise of the waves a few meters away. Here we give you some suggestions on how to prepare a party on the beach.

Steps to follow:

1. Maritime decoration. Since we are on the beach, what better than to use a maritime decoration according to the occasion: starfish, fish, coral, umbrellas, crabs, etc. Bright colors, flowers and candles are also very appropriate. In general, elements that denote joy and are fun.

2. Paper lamps. If your party is at night, what better than a few paper lamps to create a subdued and elegant atmosphere, and at the same time very simple. Find out how to make them easily and impress your guests.

3. Messages in a bottle. Do you want a nice detail? You can distribute messages, clues to make a game or gifts to the participants of the party in true Robinson Crusoe style. You can even keep a hidden treasure map inside with gifts. Surely more than one is surprised.

4. Fun snacks. Surprise guests with small appetizers in fun shapes, such as these flip-flop-shaped cookies. Appetizers with fish and shellfish can be very conducive.

5. Fresh fruit. Summer is a perfect time to eat fresh fruit, and you can include it at your parties as an aperitif or to complement your cocktails. You can also give free rein to your imagination with original designs to make the most stylish fruit salads. For lack of variety of fruits, shapes and colors to combine, it will not be, of course. And if you don”t know where to start, find out which are the most ideal summer fruits.

6. Torchlight. If we”ve talked about paper lanterns before, we can”t fail to mention torches and candles, which always create a magical atmosphere at any self-respecting beach party. Of course, you must make sure that on that particular beach it is not forbidden to light bonfires, as it happens in many places.

7. Comfort. If you don”t want to sit directly on a towel or on the beach sand, bring a mat or bean bag cushions. To place food and drink you can use a low table, with an appropriate decoration.

8. Music. And as a finishing touch, what better than an appropriate musical accompaniment. And if it can be live, it would already be a perfect plan. A simple guitar is enough to put on a proper party, and if we already add some percussion, we have the full concert.

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