How to practice Yoga: General Guide

These general guidelines for practicing yoga are highly recommended reading if you are new to the practice.

We cover all the dos and don”ts for a successful yoga experience.

When not to practice yoga.

Please read the contraindications for each position carefully before doing them.

Menstruation, pregnancy, high blood pressure, or injuries to the knees, shoulders and necks are all conditions with which certain postures should be avoided and special care should be taken in all postures.

If you have any special medical conditions, you should consult with your doctor before starting yoga practice.

Modify the postures for your body

The instructions and images of the yoga postures show the “goal”, that is, where you should go, not where you must go.

Experiment and explore different positions and alignments to make the pose work for you.

Moderate intensity level

You can make your yoga practices as challenging and vigorous as you want.

We recommend that you start slowly and make sure you understand the alignment of the postures.

There are three ways to increase intensity in your practice:

  • one, hold the poses for longer and longer periods
  • two, slowly, do your more advanced practice and perform more challenging poses
  • Three, move quickly between each pose.

How to choose the postures

Choose to practice poses that you think you can do.

Floor poses will be easier than standing poses as they don”t require a lot of strength or balance. In addition, the postures in which it is recommended to hold long periods of breath will be easier to do.

Duration of the internship

Your daily practice should last between 15 to 90 minutes and be done 1-6 times a week, depending on your schedule, goals, and availability.

Practicing more frequently with short exercises will give better results than practicing less frequently with long exercises.

What clothes to wear

Please wear light and comfortable clothing. Leggings and leggings work well. It is important to wear clothes that do not restrict your movement.

Food and drink.

It is not advisable to eat or drink just before practicing yoga (especially if you are going to practice inverted poses). Do not eat between one to three hours before and drink only small amounts of water before practice and if possible, do not drink during practice.

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