How to plan a trip to Seville

The capital of AndalusiaSeville, is a city to visit at any time of the year, with a preference in spring for its festivities, climate and joy. It offers varied possibilities on a cultural, gastronomic and aesthetic level. Here we explain how to plan a trip to Seville.

Steps to follow:

1. It is highly advisable to stay in the city center. From here it will be very easy for you to move to the most interesting areas to visit. Everything is grouped in very central neighborhoods. Fear not, the accommodation is varied for all tastes and prices. Find here good and cheap Hotels in Seville.

2. It is advisable to discard the travel option in the summer months. The temperature is usually very high and it is difficult to walk during those days. The most recommended is spring, a time of good weather, joy, color and parties.

3. If you decide to visit Seville at Easter, you must prepare for the number of tourists that the city attracts these days. Make the reservation in time to find places and good prices. In addition, you should know that on those days you will not be able to enjoy the city, since everything is destined for the processions that walk through its streets.

4. In Seville you can enjoy several high-quality museums: The Museum of Fine Arts (one of the best art galleries in Europe), the flamenco dance museum, the arts and customs museum, the contemporary art museum, among others.

5.Think that in Seville, the typical thing is tapas. We recommend that during your stay in this city you take the opportunity to go on a pub crawl where you can enjoy its beer, typical tapas and the warmth of its people.

6. If you decide to visit the April Fair, we advise you to book a hotel near the Remedios neighborhood, where the fairgrounds are located. In this way, you will not have to depend on the public means of transport that during those days collapse.

7. Create your route depending on the days you visit the city, but we advise you to visit among the essential places: the Santa Cruz neighborhood, Cathedral-Giralda, river-Torre del Oro, Triana, María Luisa Park-Plaza de España.


  • Remember that in Seville you have bus, metro and tram to walk around the city if you stay in the outskirts.
  • Take a good look because there are specific routes based on themes and some may interest you.

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