How to plan a trip to Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the best-known islands in Spanish territory, in the whole of the Balearic Islands. For its beaches, its sun, its atmosphere and its people, Ibiza is world famous and welcomes hundreds of people during the summer months. It is a destination that you cannot miss. If you don”t know how to organize your trip, Here we give you some tips on how to plan your trip to Ibiza.

Steps to follow:

1. Remember that during the autumn and winter months, the island remains completely empty. There are only its inhabitants, many shops and stores remain closed and bad weather does not allow you to enjoy the beaches or the sun.

2. It is advisable to visit Ibiza during the spring and summer. Especially in this last season, the island fills with people from all destinations, as well as famous people who choose these beaches to rest. A few months of movement, march, sun and joy in which Ibiza becomes irresistible.

3. You can get to the island by plane and by boat, depending on your departure city, so you can do it. There are many flights that leave daily and the ferries that access the island, from the peninsula and from the nearby islands.

4. If you want tranquility, Ibiza also offers an option for it. Read a guide and you will see that far beyond the hustle and bustle, Ibiza offers secluded beaches where you can get lost, places where you can walk undisturbed. Many possibilities, for all tastes.

5. A rental car is advisable, a not very big one or perhaps a motorcycle to be able to move freely around the island. In this way you will be able to access many quiet corners, almost unknown and enjoy the unknown Ibiza.

6. As for accommodation, you decide where to sleep: bungalow, hotel, hostel, hostel, etc. You can choose between different prices, possibilities and ways. Customize your trip according to your needs and tastes. The island offers a world of possibilities, here you can see and choose the Ibiza Hotels that you like the most.

7. Being an island with so much diversity, it offers many possibilities to practice different sports: from diving, cycling, hiking, golf, horse riding, fishing, etc. Find out there directly at a tourist information office.

8. Ibiza is very popular for its crafts. You will crave many details and especially, their clothes. Throughout its beaches and surroundings, you will find shops and craft markets where you can get lost. It is highly recommended that you dedicate some time of your trip to visit these.

9. Culturally, Ibiza offers many possibilities. Schedule your visits and don”t miss its monuments, museums, towns and neighborhoods. Get a map according to the days, since it offers much more than just the beaches.

10. The beaches in Ibiza are very famous for their turquoise color and their transparency. You can get lost among the most beautiful coves that surround the island: Talamanca, Arenal, Carbó or Aigua Blanca among many others. It is recommended that you choose a guide and decide for yourself which one you like the most.


  • You can request general and detailed information from your travel agency.
  • Plan your trip in advance if you go in the summer, there are a lot of people and the organization can be difficult.


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