How to plan a business event

A business event is a great opportunity to strengthen ties with customers and suppliers, organizing it correctly is the first step to make it a success.

There is a powerful industry of professional Event Organizers at your disposal, however the situation may arise that you have to organize an event for the company you work for. If so, we hope this short guide on how to plan a professional event will be useful to you.

Define the objectives of your event

Every business event must obey a specific objective, knowing what benefit we hope to obtain from the event will take us on the right path at all times.

We recommend that you take a simple blank sheet of paper and make yourself a coffee. Sit in front of him and write down your desired goals. For example: loyalty to my clients, get new clients, reward workers, …

Each of the objectives must be measurable, so that at the end of the event you can calculate the success of it.

Guest list for the Event

Once the objectives have been defined, we will know who the target audience of the event is and we must begin to draw up the guest list.

By organizing the guests into groups, you will know how many people from your company you have to involve to attend them correctly on the day of the event.

Each group of guests has specific needs and the level of attention you should pay to your large clients will not be the same as to new clients.

Organizing the guests into groups is essential in planning the event because on many occasions you will discover that you have to completely dispense with a group of guests, either because you will not be able to attend them properly or because they are so numerous that the budget shoots up.

Choose the right space to hold the event

There are many spaces for events available to you in the market, of all sizes and adapted to all budgets. The number of guests planned will determine what type of space you have to choose.

If you can organize the event in your facilities it is always a great advantage, not only because of the cost reduction but because you will strengthen your brand with respect to customers.

In the case of choosing a contracted space, we recommend that you contact the space directly, avoiding intermediaries.

Most of the spaces will provide you with solutions for hiring audio, video, catering, hostesses, and other services.

If you want to save money, we recommend that you contact the providers directly. You can find different directories with international providers for business events.

Define the event budget

Up to this point, the planning of the event has taken little account of something as crucial as the budget and it is one of the aspects that will most affect the event.

As we have already defined the objectives to be achieved and we know who are the guests to the event before calculating the budget that we are going to assign to the event, we suggest that you calculate the benefit you hope to achieve.

Let us not lose sight of the fact that we are planning a business event and the one that is profitable is essential, if it is not profitable, we cannot call it a business event.

It is not essential that we sell anything at the event in order to make a profit, gather clients, let them hear what your company is.

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