How to organize a trip to Disneyland Paris

One of the most special destinations for adults and children is the Disneyland Park in Paris. An incredible place, where magic flourishes in every corners. The success of this trip is to plan well the days we plan to spend in the park. Here we give you the clues to organize your trip to Disneyland Paris and turn it into a special and wonderful tour.

How long does it take to visit the park?

With four or five days you will have enough to visit Disneyland Paris and enjoy the main attractions without too much stress. Although the time also depends on the number of attractions you want to try.

Check the park map

It is convenient that you inform yourself well about what the park is like, the attractions it has and which the whole family can enjoy depending on the ages of the children. Download the park map to check its facilities and distances. If you select the attractions well, you will not feel lost when you get there and the whole family will enjoy the vacation more.

Quick pass for the main attractions

There is a fast pass or “Fast Pass”, which includes being able to enter the main and most successful Disneyland Paris attractions without waiting in line. You can buy this pass online or at the box office, thus saving time.

Where to stay?

Disneyland Paris has several hotels within the enclosure itself, where you can stay with your family. Not only will you avoid wasting time traveling to the park, but you will also be able to enjoy the magic of sleeping in a special hotel, because more than one is thematic. There are several categories and prices.

Children under three years free

The park offers special packages with offers according to the time of year or special vacation packages. In any case, children under three years of age can access Disneyland Paris for free. Enjoy this advantage if you have small children.

Enjoy meals

There are many fast food points within Disneyland Paris, where you can have a quick meal, such as sandwiches or hamburgers. This type of food is cheaper and will allow you to gather energy and not waste a lot of time. However, there are also several restaurants within the park itself to rest for a while and enjoy a somewhat more elaborate meal.

Enjoy an evening with the Disney characters

Children are often looking forward to meeting one of the Disney characters to get an autograph or take a picture. To fulfill your child”s wish, you can give him a wonderful surprise because inside the park, some restaurants offer the possibility of eating with Mickey Mouse (at Café Mickey) or with other Disney characters. Of course, you must book in advance.

Check the weather before traveling

When planning your trip to Disneyland Paris, you should include a cap, light and comfortable clothing in your suitcase, if you are going to visit the park in summer. If you are going to do it in autumn, don”t forget the umbrella. And do it when you do, we advise you to include a raincoat to enjoy the water attractions that are in the park.

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