How to organize a Halloween party

Do you want to organize an unforgettable Halloween party? There are many aspects that you must take into account to be successful among your guests and make the atmosphere of terror with which you fill your party is hilarious! To prepare a party of this type you will have to pay attention to the decoration, the costumes, the food you prepare and even the music that accompanies you. Creating an atmosphere of terror can be fun but you need to plan it in advance, so in this article we will tell you how to organize a Halloween party indicating all the points to take into account so that you can create an unforgettable event.

Steps to follow:

1. First, we are going to pay attention to the possible themes that can be made at Halloween parties because it is not the same to want to create a setting inspired by which stories than to do it in a zombie or vampire theme. The aesthetic that will predominate at the party requires one type of decoration or another depending on the theme we want to address. Of course: although there are personalized elements, it is essential that black colors predominate in the space, lit candles, some spider webs hanging by the corners, and so on.

Rooms with smoke can also be a good option to achieve that desired atmosphere, so in this article we tell you how to make homemade smoke for Halloween.

2. Once you have decorated the space with terrifying and Halloween-worthy elements (especially do not forget some pumpkins in the room) the next step is to consider the costumes you want to wear.

You have several options for your party: propose a joint theme in which all attendees have to dress following a series of premises (for example, that they are all witches, that they are all vampires or that the characters are inspired by those of some mythical films) Or, if you prefer, you can choose to have each one goes free and propose a costume contest. In this way you will motivate the guests to come with their best clothes and the participation is very high.

If you want to succeed with your costume and choose to win the contest, in this article we will tell you how to make scary Halloween costumes, among which you will find zombie, mummy or Exorcist girl costumes. All of them can be done at home to save money, do you sign up?

3. We have already told you that it is important to create a good atmosphere so that your Halloween party is unforgettable. Thus, in addition to the decorative elements, you can add a terrifying soundtrack that is capable of making the hair stand on end.

In the music sector there are a lot of songs or artists that have somewhat dark voices, as is the case of Marilyn Manson, for example. There are also other themes that fit perfectly with this themed party such as Michael Jackson”s Thriller or the soundtrack of the Freddy Kruger movie. In this article we propose the best Halloween music that will make your guests tremble with fear and with fun!

4. The choice of the menu also requires your full attention as there are some recipes that can be perfectly adapted for this special occasion and achieve a spooky appearance but a delicious taste. This is the case, for example, of the bloody fingers that are obtained with sausages, almonds and ketchup; but there are many more options that are important for you to know.

You can choose to distribute your menu in different dishes and ensure that, in each of them, there is an original and themed element. In this article we propose a delicious menu for Halloween giving you some options for starters, main dishes and desserts. Your guests will be amazed!

5. Prepare a music mix. Do this well in advance and set the music so that it can be heard easily.

6. Plan Halloween games if you want to have them. These will have to take into account the number of guests, ages and interests. Search the Internet for Halloween ideas and play the game.

7. Take out the decorations on the day of the party. Move the furniture, make sure there is plenty of free space for guests, to play dance games, etc. Put food in an easily accessible place, but not in a place that will impede movement.

8. Put the food right before the party. It is always good to decorate the Halloween style, an orange tablecloth, a witch hat, a pumpkin, etc., whatever you want and find available. Provide plates, utensils, napkin, glasses. Make drinks accessible.

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