How to Open a Greengrocer or Fruit and Vegetable Store

There is no doubt that in recent years natural healthy eating has taken a great boom and this is mainly due to concern about the diseases that poor diet brings with it. Of course, no one eats badly because they want to, but this is influenced by lack of time, women who work outside the home, the large number of activities of both adults and children, the long distances to travel, what which is reflected in the fact that healthy and natural homemade food is replaced by what saves time and dedication: purchased food, junk food, cans, artificial drinks that replace natural juices, etc.

One of the consequences of this is the large number of people who are affected by obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, etc. But luckily, when something goes wrong, the rescuers appear who promote the opposite of what is happening: return to home cooking, to the consumption of lean meats, to cooked or raw salads, to the consumption of fruits and natural juices.

This causes that in recent times there are more fruit and vegetable outlets, increasing the businesses dedicated especially to this.

If you want to have your business, we will teach you the steps you must follow so that you know how to open a greengrocer or vegetable and fruit store.

What do you need to open a greengrocer or vegetable and fruit store?

  • Plan the steps
  • Local to install your business.
  • Large vehicle for transporting fruits and vegetables.
  • Form of supply
  • Elements for assembly: displays, refrigerator, scale, knife, etc.

Instructions for opening a greengrocer or fruit and vegetable store

  1. If you want to set up a fruit and vegetable store you will see that it will be very profitable since you can compete with supermarkets and large stores because you can charge lower prices than them because you will receive the merchandise directly from the producers.
  2. One of the things you must do to be successful is to plan well all the steps to set up your greengrocer and greengrocer.
  3. Choose well the area where you want to install your business. If it is far from the big shops, you will surely do well because you will be the only one in the place but if you settle near a supermarket that sells fruits and vegetables as they all do, you will be able to sell a lot since they always have the highest prices.
  4. Form of supply: How fruits and vegetables will arrive at your business day by day is something that you must be very clear from the beginning. You can do this by shopping at the wholesale fruit and vegetable markets, which is where most of these businesses do. You can also be supplied directly from the farms where the fruits and vegetables are grown. This way takes longer because every day you will need fresh products and you will surely have to travel several fifths. You also have the option to be a producer and supply yourself. This if you have your own farm, although generally no one can do both at the same time, unless you are in partnership with another or other people.
  5. You must have a large vehicle such as a van or small truck to bring the merchandise to your business.
  6. Rent the premises or physical place to install your business. Buy the elements that you will need to weigh, collect, decorate, place the fruits and vegetables, furniture to support the merchandise that people will buy, a refrigerator to store some fruits that require it, etc.
  7. When you have the displays, place the fruits on one side and the vegetables on the other. Distribute and organize them by colors, you can do it taking into account the shapes, similar or contrasting colors. Make sure everything looks neat and clean.
  8. You will need a place to put the waste that always occurs, put this container in a hidden place for customers.
  9. Customers are always demanding and will surely want to choose their fruits and vegetables, allow them to do so and every time you stay, just order again so that your business always looks attractive.
  10. Decorate your business with plants, coconut pots, natural flowers, etc. Put up flashy boards where you can write down the deals of the day. Remember that everything that looks attractive will serve to have more clients and earn more money.
  11. Use wicker baskets to place some fruits, they look very decorative, add sale of aromatic plants such as coriander, parsley, basil.

Tips for opening a greengrocer or fruit and vegetable store

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