How to negotiate the purchase price of a house

If you are thinking of buying a safe house that you do not stop going to real estate and look at the ads that appear in the newspaper and on the Internet. It is difficult to decide when prices go through the clouds. There are some tricks that will help you to negotiate the purchase price of a house, we show you in this article.

Steps to follow:

1.It is best to have direct contact with the seller, not with a real estate agent, since the owner of the apartment is in a hurry to sell, while the real estate agent is sure that the offers are raining and he can find buyers anywhere.

2.The price of a home is fixed based on the value of the same and the rush that its owner has to sell. The first option is determined based on what you paid for the house and what has come to pay for the house, although the most important thing is that whatever your situation, you will be in a hurry to get rid of the house. Take this opportunity. If the owner of the apartment is very needy, you can put the conditions of purchase.

3.Once you get a direct deal with the homeowner, you must take it to your land in the first negotiations. Let him know that if he does not lower the price it will cost him much more work to sell and that that will have negative consequences for him since he will have to pay community, OBI … with which, they will be more expenses for a floor that he no longer uses.

4.The basis of a good negotiation is to know in what type of market you move and how the surrounding houses are sold. Hardly, the owner will lower prices too much if he knows he can get much more for his home.

5.One of the most effective things to get a good price is that you highlight the flaws of the floor. A good negotiator goes through every corner of the house to look for damage, however small, and thus make a cheaper purchase.

6.When you are visiting the house, do not be too delighted if you are. Be calm and suggest that you have seen more apartments and have doubts about which one to buy. Maybe the one who lowers the price is the seller and not you.

7.Of course, first of all, do not leave the house without asking key questions such as: have you received other offers? Do you think the house will be worth more next year? Let”s see if the seller releases a pledge and lowers the price of the house.

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