How to make money on vacation if I”m a teenager

The arrival of the holidays is the ideal time to take a short break in the studios and be encouraged to try new things. Many boys decide to go on a trip with their relatives or close friends, but others, like you, plan to invest these weeks earning some extra money. However, it is not always easy to know where to turn to find a summer job, so we give you some tips to discover how to make money on vacation if you are a teenager.

Steps to follow:

1.From 16 years of age it is possible to work legally in Spain and in many other countries, so if you are this age there are several options that you can evaluate.

If you want to share with children, go out for a walk every day and do many outdoor recreational activities, a great summer job for you is the monitor or helper in the colonies or camps and in the city vacation plans. It is a job that is extremely fun and will allow you to meet a lot of people and spend some fun summer weeks.

2.The seasonal jobs are the order of the day: hotels, restaurants, bars, amusement parks and theme parks seek reinforcements for their workforces due to the arrival of tourists, so it”s the perfect time to prepare a simple curriculum, introduce as someone applied, responsible and friendly and try to get that vacation job you love so much.

3.A great way to make money in summer if you are a teenager is working as a booklet dealer. Shops, nightclubs, restaurants and organizations of all kinds require advertising distributors during those months of the year, to take advantage of the high season and increase sales. You can approach the shops and restaurants near your home or the city center and offer your services, the payment is usually for hours, which will allow you to get an extra and be entertained for much of the day.

4.Stores also usually require reinforcements during the summer, especially if they are located in very tourist spots. In them you can get a good extra between the base payment and the commissions, you can also practice customer service and cordiality, values ​​that later can serve you professionally.

5.If you live in a neighborhood or area with many houses, and want to earn some extra money without spending your entire summer committed to a job, then you could offer your neighbors a garden service or simple renovations, helping them to mow the lawn, paint, load furniture in a move, etc. Any work for which you can receive a timely and help you earn extra money on your vacation.

6.Another good alternative that does not subject you to a fixed task, is to be a babysitter or babysitter. By being on vacation you can offer to take care of children until the wee hours of the morning, taking advantage to charge a little more.

The good thing about this job is that you can keep it once you start classes again, always getting an extra income from time to time.

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