How to make light brownies

Are you on a diet but want to continue enjoying pleasures like eating a tasty brownie? Of course! This option is totally possible if you prepare a light version of the recipe, replacing some ingredients to achieve a less caloric resultAnd that is why in this article we want to explain in detail the recipe for how to make light brownies. Enjoy them!

Steps to follow:

1. The preparation of light brownies will be very similar to the traditional brownie recipe, we just have to substitute some ingredients such as sugar for sweetener or butter for vegetable oil. In this way, the result will be much lighter and the caloric intake will be lower. Likewise, if you want to add nuts, it will be important to substitute the nuts that are usually included in the brownie dough for a less caloric one such as prunes.

2. In this way, the first step will be to put the solid ingredients in a bowl:

  • cocoa powder
  • the flour
  • saccharin, stevia or your chosen sweetener (if it”s liquid, add it in the next step)
  • a pinch of salt

Stir with the help of some manual rods or some other kitchen utensil to mix them all together.

3. Next, you must pour the liquid ingredients into the previous bowl:

  • vegetable oil: choose the one you like the most, although for example sunflower oil will always be softer than olive oil and will not detract from the chocolate flavor
  • the eggs
  • the essence of vanilla, quantity to taste according to the flavor you want to give it

Mix with the manual or electric stirrers until a homogeneous mass is formed, where all the ingredients are correctly integrated.

4. In case you want to add prunes or some other dried fruit, now will be the time to pour them into the mixture; if they have bones, be sure to remove them before adding them to the brownie batter. Stir gently with enveloping movements so that they are spread evenly.

Remember that nuts are healthy but they have a significant caloric intake, especially some specifically such as walnuts, so you should opt for the lighter options. You can discover them in this other article about which are the least fattening nuts.

5. Finally, you just need to pour the light brownie dough into the mold you are going to use that you must have previously lined with greaseproof paper so that it will be easier to unmold later. Avoid greasing it with oil or butter, as it will be greasier.

And with the oven preheated to 180ºC, you should cook it for about half an hour or until it comes out clean by piercing the dough with a sharp utensil. Let it cool and … enjoy the brownie without regrets!

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