How to make Christmas stars to decorate

The stars are a very typical decoration and used by many at Christmas. There are many different crafts and techniques with which you can make your own stars to decorate your tree or your house at Christmas. In this article we show you some ideas that will show you step by step how to make Christmas stars to decorate.

Steps to follow:

1. With a simple strip of wrapping paper, you can make different types of stars. In this image you can see the result but if you click on the link you will see how to do them step by step: How to make very decorative stars.

2. With cardboard of two different colors, you can also make your own stars in three dimensions with which you can decorate your Christmas tree or any corner of your house. Here is the article with all the steps to follow: Three-dimensional stars

3. If you have a cardboard from a container or a shoe box, before throwing it away you could take advantage of it to make a wonderful 3d star for the Christmas tree. It will look great on you! Click on the following link to see the article where we explain step by step how you have to do it: stars to decorate the Christmas tree.

4. With cardboard you will also be able to make your own stars to decorate any corner of your house. Here”s how to do it: stars to decorate.

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