How to make a voluntary dismissal letter

The labor market does not currently go through its best moment, as many of us know. Therefore, there are many people who have a precarious job, or who directly prefer to look for better opportunities abroad. To be able to start the search for better working conditions, they will first have to leave the current job, which is not done anyway, but through a letter of voluntary dismissal, which in a How we show you how to do

Steps to follow:

1.First, the most important thing is to include personal data in our resignation letter, since whoever receives it must first know who sends it. In Spanish this type of data is usually included in the upper left of the letter, where we will write the following information:

  • Name and surname of the worker
  • Personal contact information, usually residence.
  • DAYS

2.Subsequently, and in the same place, that is, above and to the left, we will include the data of the person, company or department to which the letter is addressed. We will use different mechanisms depending on whether or not we know who will receive the letter. We will include:

  • Name and surname of the person (if we know with certainty who will read it), or failing that the department of the company that does it, which will generally be the human resources department.
  • Company name.
  • Location of the company, the latter being not strictly necessary.


3.Before starting the letter itself, we must include a presentation line where the place from where the letter is written and the date of the letter is determined.

4.We will begin the letter with the standard phrases that reflect a good education, of the type “Dear Sirs” or “Of my consideration”. Then, we can make the presentation of reasons why we want to leave our work. It is important to use a polite, friendly tone, and that does not reflect aggressiveness or bad feelings in our words. Likewise, if we need some type of official document that reflects that we have been working for some time in the company, at the end of the letter it is time to request it.

5.Finally, close the letter with a farewell. We will use standard phrases again, this time of the kind “Best regards” or “Sincerely”.

6.After the farewell phrase, we will include our personal signature that authenticates that it has been done by ourselves and that we agree with the reasons stated in the letter.

If we want, we can add the elaboration date after our signature, to make sure the absence of errors in the letter.


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