How to make a homemade lip gloss

Some lips well moisturized and soft are essential to enhance our beauty and be much more attractive and sensual. And a cosmetic that undoubtedly helps us in beautifying them is a good lip gloss. If you like to wear lipsticks of different colors and with a bright touch, in the following article we show you a very simple way to make a homemade lip gloss. A great alternative to save money on cosmetics and to have lip glosses of all colors and with infinite flavors.

Steps to follow:

One. The first step to make this homemade lip gloss is to take a small container that serves as a base. The ideal is to acquire in any specialized store a specific container for this type of cosmetics. Now, with the help of a small spoon or spatula, place a teaspoon of Vaseline for lips in the container. You can add more or less the amount you want, depending on whether you want to get more or less lip gloss.

2. To add color to our lip gloss, add a little lipstick to the container. Cut a small amount of the lipstick with a knife, add it to the container and, with the upper end of the spatula, mix both ingredients until you obtain a homogeneous paste. You can choose the lipstick color you like best.

3. Once both products are well integrated, we are going to add a touch of flavor to the lip gloss. For this, you must choose an essential oil that you like, whether it is mint, orange, lemon or other fruits. Just add a drop of the chosen essential oil in the container and mix again until all the ingredients are perfectly blended together.

4. As simple as that! In a few moments, you will have your homemade lip gloss prepared and ready to apply. We recommend that you keep the lip gloss stored in this container and well covered so that it remains in perfect condition. Still, keep in mind that home cosmetics don”t last as long as commercial cosmetics, so it”s wise to make lip gloss in small amounts.

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