How to make a good presentation at work

Suppose you are asked at work to present a project to a group of investors. It depends on you that the work goes ahead. What you are going to do is far from the ”getting out of the way” presentations that were made in college, for example. Do not lose the calm that gives you instructions to organize your ideas and create a good presentation at work.

Steps to follow:

1. When preparing your presentation, keep technological advances in mind. Support your words in a presentation, so it will be much easier to develop a speech and the interlocutors will find it more interesting.

2. The ideas that you capture on the slides should be short and concise. Four lines will suffice. Remember that the slides serve as a support not so that the rest have to read them.

3. Be direct and to the point. When you go around the bush in a presentation, the effect it causes is loss of attention and boredom for the listener. For example, if you have been given 60 minutes to present, try not to exhaust all the time.

4. If you are not funny, you better not make jokes during the presentation. There is nothing worse than trying to be funny when you are not. Be yourself and everything will go smoothly.

5. Save the most shocking slide for last. That your interlocutors get a good impression of you and your speech. If you put the most impactful in the middle of the presentation, you will cause people to be distracted and not listen to what you say later.

6. Test that electronic devices are working properly before beginning the presentation. Still, if something looks wrong during your speech, don”t panic, apologize, and move on to something else.

7. Look over the heads of the audience at some infinite point, but not all the time or it will seem like an unreal speech. From time to time, it is convenient to fix your eyes on the public and even ask rhetorical questions and other questions to get their opinion on the matter.

8. Do not read what you have to say, only do it if you forget a word, although if you have prepared the presentation you will know what to say at all times. Take small breaks from time to time. Speak loud and clear and change the intensity of your voice from time to time to maintain attention.

9. Use good starts and better endings. Take a real situation and adapt it to your speech to start there. You will immediately capture attention. And when finishing the presentation, also choose a key and powerful phrase. You can also end with a rhetorical question.

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