How to make a good conference

Many times, for work or study reasons, it is necessary to conduct a conference on some subject related to our department or apprenticeship. In front of this situation, many people are not sure how to act or how to prepare the elements that compose it. For this reason, we want to show you all the details about how to make a good conference.

Steps to follow:

1.First, we have to be clear about the objective of our conference, what are the knowledge we want to transfer. Only having it clear and being sure will we be able to transmit it to the public.

2.It must be remembered that it is very important to check beforehand that the audiovisual systems or other components of the room where the conference will be held work perfectly, avoiding unforeseen last-minute events. In addition, if you can choose the room, you have to take into account the number of attendees, always a little below those who have been summoned.

3.It is highly recommended to prepare a script indicating the order to follow. In addition, in case of losing the thread, it can be secretly consulted to refresh the memory. Help you with a few slides can help you always know what goes next.

4.We must consider the maximum duration that the conference can have, always less than one hour, and try to adapt the script and explanation to the maximum time. To ensure you do not exceed the set time, you can practice the conference at home and go timed until you reach the optimal duration.

5.Maintaining adequate language and correct forms is essential for conducting a good conference, always avoiding interruptions, whether due to own forgetfulness or questions or comments from the public, which should be ignored until the end.

6.Another very important factor focuses on body language, which must show predisposition and a communicative attitude. To do this it is very important to maintain eye contact with the public, since it shows security in the speech, as well as taking advantage of the space available to move around, you will get the audience to stay alert to a dynamic conference. Remember that you can accompany your explanation with the movement of the hands, although you must move them at the same pace as the words.

7.Finally, it must be borne in mind that in the end there is always a round of questions so that the public can resolve possible doubts and make clarifications. You have to be prepared for any question, a fact that can only be given if you really have a good knowledge of the subject.

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