How to make a gift holder

In this article we show you how to make a cardboard box and a bottle. You can use it for different things like for example to put a gift, to store things or even to decorate, this depends on what you want. The truth is that making the gift holder is not difficult at all and the materials are very easy to access. Check out the following article to see how to make a gift holder.

Steps to follow:

1. To start the cardboard, you have to divide it into two parts. A frame is opened on one of the leaves, to which the bottle”s mica will be placed as a back cover.

2. Then you have to secure it or stick it with silicone and for greater security it is glued with rubberized tape

3. Then a dotted semicircle is made at the ends, the open edge is ensured, it is encompassed and the open ends are closed by the dotted part simulating the lid.

4. Finally, it is decorated with a flower or rope bow, it can serve as a gift wrap.

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