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Many of us ask ourselves this question: How to make a resume? Especially when we are entering the world of work. Since it is the ideal tool to get a job, in addition to working as a cover letter for your professional profile. Towards the company you plan to apply to. Obviously something like a resume must be very well done if you want to get good results. Or rather, to achieve the objective that is proposed.

Objective which is nothing more than to get the job for which we are applying. The Curriculum Vitae, resume, or also known as CV (Short for Curriculum Vitae). Follow a structure or guidelines which must be present, as they will provide the most important and necessary information of your professional profile. This is not about putting anything you can think of. But to place the most outstanding and that is related to the job.

It is worth mentioning that the curriculum is a document that can vary in style and even in what type of information to show. There are people who practice different professions and usually have more than one curriculum vitae that defines each profession. It is possible that this is your case, so we inform you that you can have as many CV as you consider. As long as the information reflected in them is true and really describes your skills, abilities and work knowledge. Despite how complicated it may seem at first, making the resume is not as difficult as you would think. That is why throughout this article we will comment on each of the most important points that you must know to make a resume. So get out a pencil and paper and take note of everything we will tell you about…

What do you look for when making a resume?

As we discussed at the beginning. This document works as a cover letter for your professional profile. The curriculum vitae is delivered to the human resources department or to the person in charge of recruiting new employees for the company, organization or business.

These recruiters always hope that your resume will find a clear and concise expression of the skills and knowledge you possess to perform the position for which you are applying. In addition to containing in the curriculum vitae all the data and personal contact information. Well, if your resume is accepted, it is best for those people to find it much easier to contact you. And for this you must provide some basic means of contact. See email or phone number.

Later we are going to advise you on the steps you should follow to be able to make a resume appropriately and that shows all this information that we are mentioning, without seeming overloaded.

Remember to keep in mind that…

The curriculum vitae must fulfill three functions and the objective that is sought with it is to obtain the job. Although depending on how the organization is, it may be that after accepting the curriculum, the job interview may be carried out.

  1. The first function that a curriculum vitae must fulfill is to show what your work and academic journey has been. Remember that this is what determines how attractive your profile will be for the position. In addition, certain characteristics of your personality should be shown to a lesser extent, for example: If you have skills as a team leader.
  2. The second function is to present your professional profile to your future employer.
  3. Third and last function. Show your employer the job data that best speaks about you, as well as your work experience without having to lie.

That is why what is mentioned at the beginning of this article becomes important. And it is that the curriculum must be adapted to each job position to which you plan to exercise. Since if you perform in two types of activities, it is best to make a curriculum for each one. Well, by mixing both professions you are only going to overload the resume and give information that may not be necessary for the employer.

What Should Your Curriculum Vitae Contain?

Next, we are going to comment on which are the most important points that should be on your resume and that of course you must take into account when doing it.

Professional experience.

If you are looking for your first job this point will not have much information, however for those who do have how to fill it out. You must show your work experience prior to applying for the job offer. Place collaborations, contracts and agreements, as well as the study practices that you have done previously. In itself, everything related to professional activities that you have previously exercised and that are related to the position you intend to obtain.

It is important to put the dates and the names of the companies in which you have worked. As well as specifying the position held. Remember to always post real information.

Personal information.

The personal data that you must put on your resume should be the following…

  • Names and surnames.
  • DNI or CI (Identity Card).
  • Contact Phone (With or without WhatsApp).
  • City of residence.

Computer applications and tools with which you perform best.

It is undeniable that technology and software cover an essential part of our daily life. And that is a factor that does not exclude a recruiter when looking for new workers. So allocate a section of your resume to show which applications and computer software you master. And that we consider can be flattering at work. It is a good idea, since with this you would be making your profile more interesting.

It is also one of the sections where you have the opportunity to stand out from the rest, since your knowledge of certain tools can be striking for the company, so it can function as a good attractive point.

Academic training.

There is not much to say at this point as it is self-explanatory. In it you must add your academic training as a professional. It is enough to just highlight your university or high school degree, write the date (both start and finish) and the name of the house of study with which you received your degree.

The languages ​​you master.

Employers have always found it attractive to hire people who are fluent in more than one language. Since that means that employee can expand their borders and even develop better in other positions. That is why specifying which languages ​​you speak and master is very important.

In addition to your mother tongue, you must include those languages ​​that you can both write and speak, and comment on your proficiency level. In addition to mentioning if you have any title or certificate that corroborates it.

Further training.

This is another point where you can stand out from the rest. Since generally in our professional training trajectory, there is always a moment when we decide to carry out some type of extra-curricular activity. See doing courses, seminars and studies that go beyond what is dictated in the universities or main study centers of each country.

For example, if you are looking for a position as a programmer, mention the courses you have taken on the subject. As well as commenting on which programming languages ​​you master. All of this helps enhance the appeal of your career resume.

This is the section where you should focus more in case you are looking for your first job , since as you do not have extensive experience, you can emphasize the knowledge you have, that will help you not to be overshadowed by anyone else Applicant who has more experience than you in the world of work.

Other information that you consider of interest.

And finally, we want to comment that you are free to add those extra data that you consider important to mention and that are not pigeonholed in the previously mentioned points. Things like your availability, the possibility of changing your residence, driving license, etc. The important thing is not to overdo it and only place the information that truly contributes something to your professional profile.

And finally, we want to conclude that the most important thing when making a resume is to put real information about yourself, and that all this information or data provided is as accurate and direct as possible. Keep in mind that the employer will not only read your resume but that of all applicants. So making a very long resume (greater than 2 pages) makes it more likely to be discarded. Even without having given him the opportunity to read it.

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