How to make a cloth bag

Women do not normally leave the house without their purse. In it they carry their whole world and it is one more way of showing people how you are since it reflects your tastes. The bags that we teach you to make here are not difficult at all and depending on the fabrics you choose and the combinations you make, you can have a very nice bag. Surely you will be the envy among friends. Check out the following article, how to make a bag.

Steps to follow:

1. To make the pockets, cut the 4 covers in striped fabric. The larger rectangle will serve to apply the smaller pockets. Make the pencil marks on the wrong side of the fabric. Fold in the top margin of each of the covers and glue them together with fabric glue. Fold the pockets over their gussets. Place them on the base rectangle in a staggered fashion. Baste and stitch

2. To make the mattress bag, cut a piece of siré according to the measurements of the mold. Pass a basting in the middle of the fabric and locate the already assembled pocket 5 cm above this line. Machine sew with a topstitch.

3. Next, cut a piece of foam rubber and a piece of terry cloth according to the mold of the mattress bag. Join these two pieces to the siré with long stitches

4. Then he bastes the closures on both sides of the mat bag, taking the middle of it as a starting point, that is, 40 cm to one side and 40 cm to the other.

5. Attach the bias tape from the middle of the mat bag, taking the three fabrics and zips together. The bias tape joint will be in the middle.

6. To finish cut two strips of backpacking tape of 82 cm each. Fold each end of the ribbon 2 cm inwards. Sew them to the bag 32 cm from each edge vertically and 12 cm horizontally.

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