How to make a bag with four pockets

If you have jeans at home that you don”t wear or that are old, you can take advantage of them and make yourself a very original, cheap and practical bag. With just three steps you will have it done. If it is important that you have a little knowledge of sewing but very basic. See the following article, how to make a bag with four pockets.

Steps to follow:

1. To start off, cut the 4 cuffs of the jeans about 30 cm long. Remove the 4 loops from the jeans. Place a loop in the center of each cuff 3 to 4 cm from the edge.

2. Join the 4 boot sleeves together on their long sides, with a zigzag stitch, forming a cylindrical piece. Closes with base seam. The hemmed edges of the booties should be at the top and will form the 4 internal pockets of the bag.

3. To finish, undo the waistlines of the jeans and close them again to form the two strips. On the waist strap, sew and make a buttonhole 3 cm from the button. Pass the ends of the waist through the loops. Clasp to hold the bag handles.

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